April 10, 2019 Carlos Arreola

SILVER CITY, NM (Mar. 29, 2019) –  Next month, the 5Point Adventure Film Festival will travel to New Mexico for the first time, in a Community Collab hosted by the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. The film festival will take place in Silver City at 7 PM on Saturday, April 27, in WNMU’s Global Resource Center Auditorium as part of the town’s annual Continental Divide Trail Days festival. The program will feature the best of this year’s festival’s short adventure films and include the stories of athletes ranging from world-famous climbers to high-school runners. The “five points” that the festival is named for – respect, commitment, humility, balance, and purpose – shine through in every film.

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“At a 5Point Film Festival show, we laugh, we cry, we cheer, we learn, and we explore the world together as a community,” says Meredith McKee, Program Director of 5Point Adventure Film Festival. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring that experience to New Mexico through this Community Collab with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.”

Hosted annually in Carbondale, Colorado, the 5Point Adventure Film Festival centers around a new theme each year. This year’s theme, “Our Stories, Our Lands,” will emphasize the importance and value of public lands through 5Point Film programming. That’s one reason why the Continental Divide Trail Coalition jumped at the chance to bring 5Point to Silver City as part of the town’s Trail Days.

“Our mission is to protect and promote the Continental Divide Trail, which runs right through Silver City on its 3,100-mile journey along the Rockies,” said Teresa Martinez, Executive Director of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. “Through bringing the 5Point Film Festival here, we want to draw attention to the incredible outdoor experiences to be had in the deserts, forests, and canyons of southern New Mexico. These films will inspire attendees to strike out on their own adventures both big and small, and encourage them to join us in caring for this trail that connects us.”

Now in its fifth year, Continental Divide Trail Days is a festival celebrating Silver City’s connection to the famed long-distance trail as its first official Gateway Community and as a hub for all sorts of outdoor recreation. In addition to the film fest, the three-day festival will also feature outdoor-themed games and activities like backpack relays and a camp chef cook-off, free food, presentations from outdoor experts, a community hike on the CDT, and a Friday night celebration with live music and dancing. Everyone is welcome at Continental Divide Trail Days, and all events except for the film festival will be free to attend.

“The Continental Divide Trail Days festival is all about connecting the people of Silver City and the rest of southern New Mexico with this amazing trail running right through their backyard,” said Martinez. “Whether you’re visiting Silver City because of the CDT or you’ve never even heard of it, we’ll have something for you at Trail Days.”

Tickets for the 5Point Adventure Film Festival are available for $15 at continentaldividetrail.org/product/5point-ticket/.

About the Continental Divide Trail

The CDT is one of the world’s premiere long-distance trails, stretching 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide. Designated by Congress in 1978, the CDT is the highest, most challenging and most remote of the 11 National Scenic Trails. It provides recreational opportunities ranging from hiking to horseback riding to hunting for thousands of visitors each year. While 95% of the CDT is located on public land, approximately 150 miles are still in need of protection.

About the Continental Divide Trail Coalition

The CDTC was founded in 2012 by volunteers and recreationists hoping to provide a unified voice for the Trail. Working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Forest Service and other federal land management agencies, the CDTC is a non-profit partner supporting stewardship of the CDT. The mission of the CDTC is to complete, promote and protect the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, a world-class national resource. For more information, please visit continentaldividetrail.org.

About 5Point Adventure Film Festival

Established in 2008, 5Point Adventure Film Festival is a non-profit organization on a mission to ignite personal and communal adventure of all kinds through the experience of sharing meaningful stories. 5Point continues to deliver a unique film viewing experience by combining passionate athletes, artists, filmmakers, short documentary films, and local communities. The organization supports emerging filmmakers and stories through the 5Point Film Fund, and organizes a student scholarship program called the Dream Project that provides support for high school students to realize their dreams. Please visit 5pointfilm.org for more information.



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