A New Era: Working Virtually in the Wild Wild West

January 3, 2017 raguirre



The days of physically walking into a brick and mortar office to get work done are a thing of the past and are becoming somewhat extinct. The advanced and ever changing technological developments in the 21st century have disrupted the traditional 9 to 5 employment models and should be embraced as a way for us to work smarter not harder.


Pinnacle Litigation Connections

Pinnacle Litigation Connections, LLC, a legal support company that provides swift virtual paralegal and legal administrative solutions for solo attorneys and small law firms is leveraging technology to build virtual legal support teams as a hiring alternative for attorneys.


Jaquetta Bazier, Founder, says, “Solo attorneys cannot always afford to hire in-house staff. As a matter of fact, sometimes the work of a small law firm does not expend a full 8-hour day. What happens is the attorneys and small law firms end up paying someone to sit in the office. That person becomes bored with no work to do and can spend countless hours on social media or other non-work related tasks just to make their day go by. I call this paying for presence rather than performance. Attorneys end up paying to have a face in the place even when there is no productivity or performance being made.


When an attorney decides to utilize our services, that attorney will only pay for the performance of the work. Since the legal industry is slowly embracing technology with e-filing, cloud based case management and online legal research, this is a win-win for attorneys and legal support professionals.  This performance verses presence concept also applies to other industries as well. Employers should be diligent in deciding whether utilizing an in-house staff member verses a virtual staff member is best for their company.”



For businesses considering whether to introduce the concept of virtual work (also called working remotely or telecommuting) to their employees or contractors, there are several benefits.


  1. Affordable
  2. Happier and healthier workers
  3. Eco friendly
  4. Increased productivity

Working virtually is not for everyone. Take time to decide if it is best for you and your business. You don’t want to hinder your business because you didn’t give it a chance. Also, change is inevitable. With statistics from the American Community Survey showing that 3.7 million people work from home, we can see that working virtually is the future of work and it’s here to stay.

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