A New View at Four Points Perspective

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Building Painting

Written by Zak Hansen
Photography courtesy Four Points Perspective

The name Four Points Perspective, for many Southern New Mexicans, will conjure up images of the Zia symbol, the four sets of four points which stand for the four stages of the Circle of Life; the four times of day; the four cardinal directions; the four stages of life; and the four seasons.

American Indian PaintingWhile that’s certainly part of the reason gallery owner and artist Cody Smith and company decided to use the concept for their new art venture, there are actually several reasons for the name. Four, to be exact.

“Four Points Perspective has a lot of meanings,” Cody explains. “It starts with our location—3405 Highway 28—which is in Four Points, New Mexico, where Mesilla ends at the cross of Highways 373 and 28. There are four of us inside the building, and four-point perspective is an art term for a curved-line perspective that has four vanishing points. And, of course, the Zia has a big place in our New Mexico hearts.”

In laying out his reasons for opening the space, Cody—a long-time artist and regular face in several of Las Cruces’ ever-evolving art scenes—says giving local artists like himself a space and place to show their work is tantamount. “One of the main reasons I wanted to open the gallery was to help promote local artists, as well as myself,” Cody notes. “I really appreciate the art community here in the Southwest. There is a lot of inspiration, ranging from the colors of the desert to the architecture of the land and culture.”

In the spirit of arts cooperatives past, Four Points Perspective houses three working studios in a addition to Cody’s gallery space. One segment of the building is home to artist, educator and co-founder of West End Art Depot—may it rest in peace—Chris Bardey and his Crooked Man Studios. Tucked into a small center room is T-shirt shop Asylum Threads, the project of Jose Trevizo; ceramicist Deb Moore operates her Studio 1060 in the rear of the building; and a room in the back is as-of-now, but not-for-long, unoccupied.

Frog PaintingIn addition to its working studios and monthly exhibitions, Cody says Four Points Perspective, in time, will host live music, movie screenings, drawing and painting workshops—one led by Las Cruces ex-pat and painter Cody Jimenez—and much more.

“We had our grand opening on November 11 and it was epic! The place was packed for about four hours with tons of artists and art enthusiasts. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that made it out to the gallery that evening,” Cody remembers. “The calendar is starting to fill up and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Four Points Perspective,” Smith said.

Neither can we.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to open the gallery was to help promote local
artists, as well as myself” – Cody Smith

Four Points Perspective
3405 Hwy. 28

Whose Work You’ll See

Thirty-seven of Southern New Mexico’s most exciting artists—some established names, others up-and-coming and a few making their debut—showed work in Four Points Perspective’s inaugural show, which featured upward of 100 pieces in a variety of media.

In addition to work from Chris Bardey and Cody Smith, the gallery’s first showing featured pieces from:

Roy van der Aa • Alberto Alvarez • Dani Anderson • Sara Austin • Flannery Barney • Margaret Bernstein • Kayla Blundell • Melissa Boone • JC Bruckmann • Felicia Castro • Coryn Catanzaro • Karen Conley • Bob Diven • Brittany Chavez • Chris Garcia • Crook Gonzalez • Michael Gutiérrez • Henry Hartig • Emma Henderson • Julian Hunting • Bernadette Larimer • Olivia Lemmons • Coy Lowther • Dennis Lujan • Raquel Madrigal • Deborah Moore • Cody Mullen • CS Palumbo aka Bacco • Ray Pratt • Saúl Ramírez • SABA • SkiZero • David Sorensen • Stephanie Sweet • Holly T • Patricia Gamez Torres • Victoria Trujillo • Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo

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