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July 31, 2016 Las Cruces Consumer

I read every issue of your magazine and I enjoy supporting local businesses whenever possible. I also strive to pass on information that can assist local residents in planning how best to spend their resources.
This issue’s “Product Spotlight” article presents a flattering picture of a local business, Pools by Design, that is entirely inconsistent with the experience I had when I employed their service.
I approached Frank Wells last year and contracted with him to build my pool. Together, we came up with a custom plan that was very clear to all of us.
Frank gave me an estimate of 12 weeks construction time. Unfortunately, neither he nor his main foreman were onsite for the majority of the project. Instead, he sent crews of unsupervised workers who seemed to also have no prior pool construction experience.
Multiple construction errors were made, resulting in many serious delays due to the need to replace construction material that was either damaged during installation or installed incorrectly. His crews also caused thousands of dollars of damage to my home due to improper protection when sandblasting. Several very basic construction errors were also made; the most glaring was Frank’s decision to locate our pool heater directly under a drainage canale. The first rain we had during construction dumped water directly into the heater and destroyed it. We waited weeks for a replacement.
Finally, after 26 weeks, the pool was “finished”. The final product was extremely sloppy in final finish. The wall of our hot tub was not level, water from the pool freely flows into the tub at one edge, and the corner of the tub remains elevated out of the water no matter the pump setting. The pool also has a chronic leak that Frank was unwilling to fix (along with our other issues), and which persists. I am unable to use the top-of-the-line saltwater system that Frank sold me since the leak constantly depletes the salt. I am forced to use a floating chlorine tablet dispenser instead.
I paid over 40K for the pool, yet I endured a ridiculously-long construction delay and am still left with a faulty product and no support from Frank Wells or Pools by Design.
I feel like the residents of Las Cruces deserve a much better experience than Frank or his company provides. If I can prevent even one other homeowner from making the same mistake I did, I will feel as if I have performed a service for the community.
If you are interested in verifying any of the information that I have posted or if you are interested in doing an expose feature on my pool for a future issue of your magazine, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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