Convo Starters: Meet Gregg Young

October 6, 2016 raguirre

The songwriter and recording artist behind the official song of Spaceport America Tour & Visitor Center, “I Want to Be an Astronaut.”

gregg young

How did your song end up as the Spaceport anthem?
As an artist, timing has always been a blessing for me. Back in 2014, I played a corporate event at the Long Beach Convention Center. As I was leaving, they were setting up for the Space Tech Expo trade show. I’ve always been a space fan, so I was so excited to take a photo with an actual spaceship. I ended up getting a pass for the 2015 show and I kept thinking about this song I had that would fit with something, but I didn’t know quite what. I met Tammara Anderton from Spaceport America and I pitched her the idea. This was in May and they needed it for their grand opening in June, so during a vocal rehearsal for a show we were doing, singer Danielle Standridge and I recorded a demo. We sent it in and they loved it, so we pulled the band together, rushed into Mambo Sound & Recording in Long Beach, and recorded the final version.

What musical genre does it fall into?
Bluesy rock with a little bit of country. And it’s got a little bit of pop in there too.

gregg young
Who else contributed?
Steve McNeil, owner of Mambo Sound & Recording, is the sound engineer. Kirkwood Coakley is on bass, and Grammy nominated Cuban musician Tiki Pasillas is on drums. Danielle Standridge provided the vocals, along with Felice Hernandez who is the high voice on the song.
What originally inspired the song?
I’ve been a space fan all my life, and everything somehow translates to music for me. I grew up staring at the stars and thinking about our universe, who we are and where we’re going. I have two sons, and about 20 years ago, I wrote this for them to translate those dreams and thoughts in a fun way. They’re part of this next generation who will be the ones going to Mars. It’s just something fun that’s uplifting at the same time. I’m very grateful that we got it recorded on time and that Spaceport America accepted it. What they are doing is just unbelievable to me. I don’t have any illusions of grandeur, but I like that I’m in some small way a part of that.

gregg young

Hear it First

Want to listen to the spaceport theme song?
Search for it on YouTube, or better yet, buy it on Amazon, Google Play, or in the iTunes Store.

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