Design and Decor: Cozy & Kid-Friendly

April 16, 2017 raguirre

Create Organization Amid Chaos

Whether you’re getting ready to welcome a baby to your household, or it’s time to update a nursery for a growing child, a lot of thought goes into designing a kid-friendly space. Our local experts share their suggestions for creating a comfortable and cozy space for your kids to learn and grow.

Written by Isabel A. Walters

From closet drawers and shelving units, to cabinets for all areas of the house, Sher-Wood Cabinetry works with families to make their organizational dreams a reality. “Customers have flexibility of designing where they want their components,” explains Anna Lueras-Kariem, manager of Sher-Wood’s Organized Living division.

Start by considering your needs and how your living space can work for you. If your home has high ceilings, for example, use that to your advantage and create vertical storage. Keep items kids need within reach, and store others up top. The right organization can help your kids streamline their routines, such as getting ready in the morning.

Build a Homework Nook

Kids need a place that fosters learning and creativity. “At our home, the children have access to the community office and computer,” says Anna Emerick-Biad, founder of Acton Academy. “Children enjoy a sense of community. Kitchen tables are an iconic space for collaboration and school work.”

The workstation doesn’t have to be in the kids’ room—just make sure it’s somewhere quiet and well-stocked with supplies they need.

Sher-Wood Cabinetry can help create a custom-designed learning area within your child’s bedroom. “You can adjust the height of the desk and add pullout baskets and additional shelving,” says Anna Lueras-Kariem. “You can make it as clean or elaborate as you want. There’s a lot of flexibility.”

Embrace Their Interests


You probably have your own Pinterest-worthy vision of what your kid’s space will look like, but at the end of the day, it’s important to let them have a say, too. “Each of our children has created a space that is meaningful to them,” says Anna Emerick-Biad.

Incorporate their love for princesses, superheroes, or whatever they’re passionate about.

Light It Up

Think about what you want to achieve with lighting. Will the room be used mainly for sleeping? Do you want bright lighting so kids can do homework and other activities? Designer’s Mart can help select the features you want, and their showroom has plenty to choose from. “You learn a lot just by listening to a child,” says Ann Perez, president.

One of the biggest trends is LED bulbs, which might seem to cost a pretty penny, but will save you money in the long term and are more energy efficient. Sales rep and interior designer Alama Chavez recommends dimmers, especially for nurseries. You don’t want to distract your baby with too much light, but you’ll need some for when you’re up feeding them or changing diapers in the middle of the night.

Safety First

Whatever theme you choose for the room, make safety a part of it. Remember to install smoke detectors, and check them on a monthly basis. “I recommend changing the batteries twice a year—a rule of thumb is to change them when you change the hour on your clock,” advises Morgan Hiles, owner of Alpha Fire Extinguisher.

Assess other risks that might require attention. “I personally don’t like charging devices in my kids’ room,” Morgan adds. Consider outlet plugs if you’ve got toddlers running around, for example. Teach your kids about fire safety and explain to them what they should do in case of emergency. In addition to fire extinguishers, Hiles’ company also sells First Aid Kits and evacuation/emergency kits.


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