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November 29, 2017 pixelmark

Wall to Wall Style | distressed white frame

Sprucing up the house in preparation of holiday company? Looking to give your interiors a facelift for the new year? Start with your walls. Here are three ideas that may just inspire a whole new level of style.


Forget Canvas, Try Metal

Picture Frame Factory Outlet
382 S. Walnut St.

Wall to wall style | gallery of paintingWhile framing and matting an image is a classic way to make a piece look finished and wall-ready, Greg Groves, owner of Picture Frame Factory Outlet, points out that there’s a whole lot more he can do to add that extra element of style. Visit his shop to see examples of just what he can do and get inspired. From float frames that add another layer of depth to Dia de Los Muertos inspired frames and photos mounted in upcycled window frames, there’s plenty of opportunity to add a bit of personalization to your favorite photo or painting. You may even find a new piece of art; Greg has recently expanded his shop to include a rotating gallery space, and Picture Frame Factory Outlet is participating in the monthly Avenue L events hosted in the adjacent Arroyo Plaza.

Greg says the latest innovation in photography printing is to print images on super light pieces of aluminum. “We have the exact same image here in the store printed on both canvas and metal, and the difference is clear,” he explains. “Canvas makes it look more like a painting, while the metal is more realistic. The definition and depth of color is just spectacular on metal. It’s like HD versus analog.” The ultra-thin, lightweight metal pieces can be framed, but for a more contemporary look, Greg recommends leaving them unframed and using some foam to space it off the wall and add some dimension.

Wall to wall style | man holding a framed picture

If you love the look, check out the metal pieces already completed and hanging on the walls at the store. (Greg’s dad is well-known Organ Mountain photographer Mike Groves, so you know he has some great options ready to go.) Or, bring in your own favorite photo on a thumb drive and Greg will create your own contemporary work of art.

Go Green

2301 E. Lohman Ave.

Wall to wall style | Dunn Edwards styleDunn-Edwards has selected The Green Hour, a seductive mix of gray, blue, and green hues, as the 2018 Color of the Year. “This stunning color has dual personalities of being moody, dramatic and intense, while still grounding and tranquil, acting as a neutral,” explains Sara McLean, color expert and stylist for Dunn-Edwards. “It is dreamlike, mysterious, rich and cozy. Variations of this hue have been trending over the past two years, from lighter cactus and mint green to darker teal blue-green.”

For a look that’s right on trend, Sara recommends pairing The Green Hour with other moody, deep colors—think peacock blue or a rich purple. If you’re personal tastes lean more towards Art Deco, choose rose, light cool gray, olive green, and red. For Craftsman, try accenting the green shade with chocolate brown, beige, mustard, and rust.

This is one paint project you can truly feel good about: 10 percent of sales of paint tinted in The Green Hour go to Beautify Earth, a non-profit devoted to empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride.

What’s in a name?

The clever name of this green shade comes from the custom of drinking absinthe in Parisian bars, bistros, and cafés beginning in the early 1800s and continuing through the turn of the century. The hour of 5pm was called l’heure verte, or The Green Hour, signaling an increase in absinthe drinking into the late evening hours. Artists, writers and other creative types were regulars at The Green Hour.

Wall to wall style | true Las Cruces style

Decorate in True Las Cruces Style

There’s no better way to pay homage to the people and culture of the place you live than to decorate your walls with locally-created artwork. An ideal option for checking out a number of local artists’ works in one place—and maybe checking some folks off your holiday shopping list too—is the Artists of Picacho Hills’ annual Holly Day House.

This year the event has moved Downtown to St. Paul’s Methodist Church and more than twenty artists will be exhibiting their work covering the full gamut of mediums. Here you may just find a photograph that speaks to you, a woven textile piece that will add texture to your bare walls, or even abstract metal, wood, or ceramic works that prove wall art goes far beyond framed paintings.

Don’t miss it

Holly Day House
November 10 & 11
Friday from 4pm-7pm;
Saturday from 9am-5pm
St. Paul’s Methodist Church
225 W. Griggs

For more local events in November & December where you can purchase locally-made arts and crafts, turn to page ##.

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