Empty Spaces – A Pink Floyd Tribute Show

July 5, 2018 Julian Nunez

Empty Spaces is a live Pink Floyd Tribute Show that performs classic rock
material from Pink Floyd’s catalog, focusing on works from The Wall, Dark
Side of the Moon, Animals and Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii film.
The band was formed in 2012, by Les Thurmond, Joe McIntire, Frank
Santorelll, and Kenny Cunningham. The group had originally planned to
learn and play various cover songs, and as the members discussed possible
covers it was soon discovered that each artist already knew and loved
several Pink Floyd songs. “We had about four songs under our belt the day
we first met at the studio, and the path became very clear, very quickly” said
Frank Santorelli, keyboard player and vocalist.

After about a year of solid practice, the band began booking local gigs, and
other local musicians started to take notice. In their first year, Empty Spaces
invited Ceta Singley to join up playing bass guitar, slide guitar, and
synthesizer. “Bringing in Ceta was huge” stated Les Thurmond, guitar
player and vocalist. “Ceta is a solid musician who had instant credibility
with the local venues. We started getting better gigs after Ceta joined us.”
Not long after Ceta’s arrival, the band sought a saxophone player to step in
on certain songs. The band found more than just a sax guy when they met
Andy Grieder. Andy performs on saxophone, clarinet, vocals and keyboards.
“Andy brought us the depth that every authentic Pink Floyd Tribute show
needs, not just the saxophone, but the extra layers of keyboard, harmonizing
vocals and sound effects that you can hear on Pink Floyd’s albums.” Said
Joe McIntire, drums, guitar and vocalist.

The final piece of the band came together when the members began
rehearsing for a live performance of the entire Dark Side of the Moon LP.
“There’s a song on that album that every Floyd fan knows, called the “Great
Gig in the Sky. We needed someone special who could sing that song and
we needed other vocalists to perform vocal harmonies, just like on Pink
Floyd’s albums. We went through quite a few vocalists before we found the
right mix in Jessica Ludwig, Hannah Prizznick and Heather Lake.” said
Kenny Cunningham, guitar player.

With all of the pieces in place, the band started booking out of town shows.
A break with a promoter from Phoenix in 2014 yielded two early big shows
for Empty Spaces, Ovations Showroom at Wild Horse Pass Casino and a gig
at the Elk’s Theatre in Prescott, AZ. “ Honestly, for all of us at that time,
those concert-style seated venues were really high pressure shows, and very
different from the bar scene we had always known. As nervous as we were,
we played like mother-fuckers and everyone loved it, so I guess it all worked
out. We’ll see…huh?” said Ceta Singley, bass, steel guitar, synthesizer and

After several years of playing across the state of Arizona, Empty Spaces
now has plans to expand its boundaries. “We are booked for shows in New
Mexico with more shows in the works. I like to travel and I love to sing.
How good is this?” said Jessica Ludwig, vocals.
More than just a rock band, Empty Spaces is a stage production with all of
the elements of a Pink Floyd concert, including a back-screen with original
projected media, synchronized lights and lasers. “As we move forward along
our path this act gets more and more complicated, with venue bookings,
travel arrangements and business considerations.” said Hannah Prizznick,
vocals and violin. “Despite the challenges that come with opportunity, our
goal is the same as it ever was: to deliver the greatest live Pink Floyd show
to the fans of Pink Floyd across the world.
Empty Spaces is scheduled to perform at the Rio Grande Theatre and the
Flickinger Center on Sept. 28th & 29th.
You can keep up with Empty Spaces by going to their website,


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