July 24, 2017 Alfonso Loya

Alex Ficco, better known as “FEEKI” has grown an online following and is shooting to the top of the hip-hop community’s list of rising new stars.

Who is this guy?

At 25 he has been rapping for about 6 years. Growing up in Gardnerville Nevada, he played the bass in a rock band, from age 12 to 15. His real love was motocross, but after turning pro, an injury curtailed his racing career. He moved to Reno and focused on a new passion: music.

He spent thousands of hours writing his lyrics, perfecting his craft, assembling his team, recording his tracks —- and then made his move.

After his stage debut, he opened for Flo Rida, at Reno Events Center, headlined at LEX Nightclub, appeared on Viceland’s “Payday” TV show, released his seven song EP, Unbound, and performed a 10-day multistate small venue tour.

His rapid tongue, smooth delivery, and original lyrics have hundreds of thousands of fans as far away as Australia responding to his fresh sound.

Everything I write just comes from life experiences, what I believe in, and what I’m dealing with at the moment. If you listen to my music, there is definitely an underlying theme of hard work, dedication, ambition, and going huge,” he said.

After earning airplay on Reno’s Swag FM104.9, announcer Tony Tone said “Feeki’s music has the potential to go head to head with any artist in the majors. The hip-hop community in Reno has been patiently waiting for an artist to really pierce through to the music spotlight, and I think Feeki is gonna be the first.”

Feeki boasts 2 million Spotify plays; 500,000 Sound Cloud plays; 132,000 Facebook likes with 12 million video views; 10,000 You Tube followers with 1.5 million views; 2600 twitter followers, and 9700 Instagram followers.

Focused on the big picture, with an eye on marketing Feeki had the business smarts to create a logo and hammer out a website to market line of merchandise which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, hoodies, bandanas, lanyards, posters, and stickers. They can be purchased at www.badtouchsupply.com.

Beginning in Seattle on June 16th, Feeki is traveling throughout the U.S. to all 41 Vans Warped Tour stops. Joined by his team, Gardnerville’s, Neil Luzzi, Thee Trash Wizard, his DJ, and Carson City’s, J.P. Preston, JP Films, his videographer.

The Warped Tour is a traveling rock festival that has toured the United States annually each summer since 1995. It is the largest traveling music festival in the United States and is the longest-running touring music festival in North America. The first Warped Tour took place in 1995, and the skateboard shoe manufacturer Vans became the main sponsor of the tour starting with the second tour in 1996, when it became known as the Vans Warped Tour. (1)Source: Wikipedia

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