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September 27, 2016 raguirre

What you didn’t know your swimming pool was missing

Pool ToolsBrandon Anderson knows a thing or two about pools. He grew up working for the family business, Discount Pools and Spas, in Alamogordo before branching out and founding the Las Cruces division in 1999. The business has grown steadily over the years and they now boast a 7,000 square foot showroom where you can find the expected—hot tubs, above ground pools, and tons of pool accessories—as well as the unexpected—think smokers and beer and wine making kits.

And while they aren’t pool builders, they do a whole lot of pool servicing and maintenance, to the tune of a staggering 350 pools per week during the summer, as well as onsite water testing.

“We do all the water testing through BioGuard right here at our showroom location,” Brandon explains. “If someone doesn’t know how to take care of their swimming pool, they can bring a water sample to us and we can tell them exactly what they need to put in to make it nice and easy.”

While you’re there, you might just see a few other things your pool is missing. Here are some of our favorite accessories that will easily take your pool from average to awesome.

Discount Pools and Spas
111 Roadrunner Pkwy

Pool Tools

Dolphin Pool Cleaning Robot

“Some of our most popular products right now are the automatic pool cleaners,” Brandon notes. “They go up and down the walls of the pool, so it’s like having a pool boy at your house 24/7.”

Swimline LED Pool Fountain & Intex Magnetic Pool Light

“We have magnetic lights that attach to the soft sides of above ground pools and don’t require any sort of installation,” Brandon explains. “For in-ground pools, I would recommend automated LED lights. For either type, we have colorful, floating lights that can turn your pool, or even a hot tub, into a mini disco.”

PoolEye Alarms

The safety first rule applies big time when it comes to swimming pools. Brandon recommends a pool alarm sensor help alleviate any worries: “If there’s anybody that shouldn’t be in the pool, be it human or animal, this will let you know.”

Poolmaster Solar Globe Chlorine Dispenser

There’s no easier—or prettier—way to maintain your pool than these LED solar globe chlorinators that transition gently between blue, red, green, and purple.

Swimline Pool Games

Every pool needs a little bit of extra entertainment. Discount Pools and Spas carries floaties, dive sticks, and water versions of all your favorite backyard games including cornhole, basketball, and ladder ball.



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