Get Involved: Thanksgiving Dinners

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The pressure to create the perfect Thanksgiving meal comes from many angles, especially with social media giving exacting standards for a what a real Thanksgiving feast should look like. Unfortunately, for many families in Las Cruces and Doña Ana County, reaching that picturesque meal is just too far of a stretch. Thankfully, it’s other social networks in Las Cruces that step in to help.

The growth of the generosity has come from partnerships with other organizations, like a donation of 1500 cans of stuffing from Pepperidge Farms…

We want to reach out to as many families as possible.Villegas-Fierro

Villegas-Fierro also said that an outpouring of smaller groups across the city are running food drives that funnel back to Casa de Peregrinos. “Citizens Bank and the Army Recruiting Center are starting their drives,” she said. “The Respiratory Therapy Program at Doña Ana Community College is a group of students coming together to start their own food drive.”

Alba said it’s the stories he hears that keeps him and his staff going. “It’s like the biblical story of the fish and loaves,” he said. “Every time you think you’re not going to have enough, the community comes through for you.”

Casa de Peregrinos needs:
Cans of corn, cream of mushroom soup, green beans, plus large sturdy boxes that can hold a turkey, a bag of potatoes, along with the cans.


The Las Cruces Home Builders Association is conducting a similar drive to disperse Thanksgiving Dinners to those in need at their event hall and through fi low-income elementary schools. Nicole Black, executive office for LCHBA, explained that $50 dollars sponsors one family in need. Call 526-6126 or stop by at 2825 North Main Street. “It’s particularly heartwarming to see the families at the schools,” she said. “We always get drawings from the students and letters of thanks from the families.”

Consider the Aggie Cupboard (906 Gregg Street, 646- 7636) as another location for donation drop offs. Many students are unable to go home for the holidays In Spring 2011, NMSU students were asked to a survey conducted by NMSU Social Work Services. More than 1/3 of the students reported having to choose between paying bills or getting groceries at least once and that 1 in 5 students reported that hunger regularly affected their grades or ability to concentrate. The Aggie Cupboard accepts donations between 9:30 am -11 am on Tuesdays & 1 pm-3 pm on Thursdays.

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