Go Green, Go Local

September 20, 2016 raguirre

The wedding industry is on board with the go green trend. In fact, as Devorah Baily at Enchanted Occasions Event Rentals notes, green weddings are often simpler and more meaningful. And since one of the tenets of going green is utilizing local businesses and products, green events have the added benefit of local flair and character. At the 2016 Las Cruces Bridal & Special Events Showcase, Enchanted Occasions, a member of the local Green Chamber of Commerce, created a whole display of eco-friendly wedding tips and ideas. One of our favorites: Serving beer from a kegerator to reduce can and bottle waste.

Go Green

Emily Calhoun has built her business, Floriography, with similar sentiments in mind. She provides garden-inspired floral designs for weddings and other events using ethically and sustainably farmed flowers. “In the US, 80 percent of flowers are imported. It’s more affordable to produce them in South America, so they come in with different pesticides and chemicals and residues,” she explains. “Ordering local is safer and environmentally friendly. It’s just a higher standard for flowers.”

Floriography’s locally minded designs use native plants, desert botanicals, and heirloom blooms grown at their own boutique flower farm. It’s no surprise to Emily that rustic, country, and garden-inspired weddings are really popular right now. “We’re excited to see trends for weddings moving towards designs inspired by nature,” she notes. “That’s our signature style because we feel like people are much more compelled and enchanted by things that provoke an emotional response. A wildflower bouquet that reminds you of your grandmother or of a familiar place is more meaningful than something that looks manipulated and controlled.”

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