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We Are IT offers the gamut of technology services with a unique business model that gives back to the local community.

Written by Jessica Salopek
Photography Courtesy We Are IT

In today’s modern world, Information Technology  (IT) services are crucial for any organization or business. From graphic design and photography to website development and social media marketing, success hinges on the digital realm these days. The team at We Are IT handles all this (and more!) for personal and  professional clients, with one distinct difference setting them apart from the vast majority of businesses in the industry: “We care,” says IT Specialist Robert Reno.

Robert is one of the founding members of the organization, which emerged in 2015 as an offshoot of Ngage New Mexico, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes education and nonprofit capacity building. We Are IT focuses primarily on helping small businesses and nonprofits with all aspects of technology and marketing. Nonprofit organizations get a significant discount on services, and all the net profits from We Are IT go directly to supporting the mission of Ngage New Mexico. As of July 2018, the company has contributed nearly $14,000  to Dona Ana County nonprofits through in-kind donations.

“As the social enterprise of Ngage, we share their mission of helping nonprofits and small businesses  increase their capacity to do the good things they do for the community,” explains Sommer Mitchell, lead operations coordinator for We Are IT. “We offer discounts to nonprofits so they can put the money they are saving back into fulfilling their mission versus spending it on IT services.”

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The non profit can  include  the in-kind donation on their tax returns, allowing them to diversify  funding, a strategy that is crucial to creating a sustainable philanthropic endeavor. We Are IT’s unique business model also creates an opportunity for other clients outside the nonprofit realm to give back to the community.

We Are IT | young man letting his audience observe a drone control

Sommer says, “Someone may not think that by getting their computer fixed or developing a website that they are giving to a charity, but when  they come to us, they are. The money they are spending on IT services goes right back to our social mission, which is to help nonprofits in this community flourish and thrive.”

In addition to their social responsibility endeavors, the team at We Are IT prides themselves on being a “one stop shop” for technology needs. Their services include graphic design, web design, photography, computer repair, social media, networking, and programming, and they have recently added drone photography to their repertoire. Their diverse clientele includes gyms, restaurants, health clinics, construction businesses, and, of course, the nonprofits like Community Action  Agency, La Semilla Food Center, Children’s Reading Alliance, and the Dona Ana Arts Council, to name just a few.

“Something that I hear time and again  is that people appreciate our transparency and the fact that we take the time to empower all our clients,” Robert notes. “We take the time to sit down with them and show them how they can do things on their own, whether it’s adding content to their website or protecting themselves from the latest computer virus. We offer them that supportive service, but at the same time, make them feel like they are part of the process. We don’t want anything to go over their heads; we want to raise them up and show them how to use their software and technology most effectively.”

We Are IT | the people behind We Are IT

We Are IT’s annual “Computers and Cocktails” event is one of the best opportunities for locals to get a crash course in all things IT. The two-hour workshop is BYOC (bring your own computer), but wine, beer, and snacks are served while industry experts cover current topics like SEO (search engine optimization), photo editing, and security tips. Guests are also treated to door prizes from We Are IT’s many community partners.

“It’s a great event because people walk away feeling like they got something out of it. Not just the prizes, but actual tech knowledge which is a very valuable thing for people these days,” Robert says.

Check out We Are IT’s website and social media channels for updates on plans for the 2019 event. In the meantime, this close knit and passionate team of technology professionals will continue to live up to their motto: We Fix. We Design. We Care.

We Are IT is located at 3880 Foothills Road, Ste A
(the plaza across the street from Caliche’s) inside the
Community Action Agency building.


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