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November 20, 2016 raguirre

thanksgiving-turkey-and-wine-1BUY the right turkey

The traditional turkey is the star of your holiday meal, so don’t buy just any old bird. Marianne McLaughlin, a nutritional health coach at the Natural Grocers on Lohman, says their Mary’s Free Range Heritage turkeys are very similar to what the pilgrims probably served. “These turkeys have at least four times as much space to roam as a conventional turkey and are closer to the original wild breed of turkey with more nutritious dark meat,” she explains.

All of Mary’s Free Range Turkeys are non-GMO. They are never fed antibiotics, hormones, or growth promoters. Marianne recommends the organic turkeys that have never been given feed treated with pesticides or synthetic chemicals. “Most people probably know that organic food is more nutritious and safer for humans, but it’s also better for the environment,” she says.

Season it to perfection

St. Clair Winery & Bistro hosts an annual Thanksgiving buffet with all the classics: ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and more, but it’s no doubt the flavorful hand-carved turkey that draws people in year after year. If you’re hosting the family gathering this year, try out this version seasoned with paprika and thyme. Serve it with D.H. Lescombes Pinot Noir, a red wine that St Clair’s Maritza Gomez calls a “Thanksgiving day staple.”

Roast Turkey with paprika and thyme

2- to 14-pound turkey, giblets removed
3 sprigs of rosemary
½ bunch flat-leaf parsley
4 small carrots, cut into quarters lengthwise
2 stalks celery, cut into 3-inch-long strips
2 medium yellow onions, cut into wedges
6 Tbsp. olive oil
Kosher salt and pepper
1 cup low-sodium chicken broth
2 Tbsp. paprika
2½ tsp. garlic powder
2½ tsp. dried thyme
Kitchen string (optional)

1. Heat oven to 425° F. Pat the turkey dry with paper towels. Place
the wings underneath the body. Place the rosemary and parsley
in the cavity. If you like a tidy-looking bird, tie the drumsticks
together using the kitchen string.

2. Place the carrots, celery, and onions in a metal roasting
pan. Transfer the turkey to a wire rack and place it on top of
the vegetables.

3. In a small bowl, combine the oil, 1½ tsp. salt, and ½ tsp.
pepper. Stir in paprika, garlic powder, and thyme. Using your
fingers, rub the spice mixture all over the turkey.

4. Roast the turkey uncovered until browned, 30 to 45 minutes.
Add the broth to the pan. Cover the turkey loosely with foil.
Reduce oven temperature to 350° F. Roast until a thermometer
inserted in a thigh registers 165° F, about 2 hours. Let the
turkey rest for at least 30 minutes before carving. Reserve the
pan drippings and vegetables for the gravy.

Rather do a Buffet instead?
Be sure to call St. Clair’s Winery &
Bistro and ask about their annual
Thanksgiving Day Buffet, going on from 11am to 4pm. Prices are $27.95 for adults and $9.95 for kids. Reservations are required. 575-524-2408

Serve it with yummy sides

Forget boxed and canned foods, serve up a traditional, homemade meal this year. Big Red Chef Lynn Linde is hosting a Perfect Holiday Pies & Pastry class on November 19. (Visit bigredchef.com for more info or pick up the Fall/Winter issue of Las Cruces magazine for her super tasty Brussel sprouts side dish recipe.)
Or, get inspired to make tasty—and healthy!—side dishes at one of Natural Grocers’ free community classes going on the entire month of November.

November 5, 1-1:30pm
Quick Class: Sweet Potato Reigns Supreme
There are so many ways to enjoy this fall favorite: baked, mashed, pureed, or pied. Learn all about what makes sweet potato a reigning champ in the kitchen and in your health.

November 12, 12-4pm
Gluten-Free Holiday Fair
The holidays are all about sharing good cheer, good will, and good food. Join us for our festive Gluten-Free Holiday Fair. Enjoy all the magic of the holidays with seasonal foods, supplements, and body care products. You just might discover a new gluten-free holiday favorite.

November 12, 12-1pm
Sweet and Savory Grain-Free Baking
Whether necessity or choice led you to eat grain free, this eating style is helping many experience the health benefits. Learn easy, sweet and savory grain-free recipes that will allow you to take gluten free to the next level.

November 17, 5:30-6pm
Quick Class: Extraordinary Cranberry
Come learn all about the tiny, mighty, extraordinary cranberry! The benefits of America’s original superfruit go beyond bladder health to support the gut, heart, immune system and blood sugar stability—perfect for the season of indulging.

November 30, 12-12:30pm
Quick Class: Celebrate Squash
With 11 varieties to choose from—including pumpkin—fall is the perfect time to celebrate squash and its wonderfully delicious flavor profiles and superior health benefits. Roast it, steam it or puree it—learn all about this favorite fall food!

Learn from the PROS
For upcoming December classes, tasty recipes, and tips on preparing a “Turkey for Two” Thanksgiving, visit naturalgrocers.com or stop into our local store at: 3970 E. Lohman Ave. 575-522-1711.

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