Happy Home: Seeking Shade

June 25, 2017 raguirre

There’s nothing like basking in the glow of the summer sun after a bitter winter and a harsh, windy spring. Las Cruces summers, though, can reach triple-digit temperatures that, at times, can feel unbearable. Make your home more comfortable and keep the heat outside where it belongs with window installations that help you better control the inside temperature. Max Bellestri, owner of Desert Shades Window Coverings, and Shannon Windecker, general manager of ATD Window Tinting and Graphics, explain a few of the available options to help you decide what works best for you.

Written by Isabel A. Walters

Happy Home: SEEKING SHADE Throw Some Shade


Window covers provide versatility and allow homeowners to easily adjust how much sun enters a room. Selections consist of blinds and shades, each available in a variety of styles. “We have window coverings for basically any type of window,” Max notes. “Window coverings provide privacy, insulation and resistance to heat. The most popular kind in this area is the honeycomb; those can come in hundreds of different colors on the inside, and on the outside, they’re white, for the reflective value.”

Solar rollers are another favorite among customers. The shades are adjustable and can limit lighting or avert it altogether. Wood and faux wood blinds are a popular choice for those interested in both functionality and aesthetics.

“We also do sliding panels,” Max says. “Say, for example, you have a 60-inch opening, you can break it into three different panels and have them slide right to left. They’re popular because they don’t have some of the inherent problems with vertical blinds, which break down after some time. They’re made from the same fabric that’s found in the solar shades, in order to block out the sun as much as needed, in different capacities.”

Happy Home: SEEKING SHADE Throw Some Shades

All of the different styles are available in a variety of fabrics to achieve the look that’s just right for your home.

On a tight budget but still wanting to invest in some kind of window shading? The Simple Selection line features mass-produced products that achieve the same effect. “There are some differences in fabric choices, but it’s still a high-quality product, and customers will be able to get their costs down. It does make a difference,” Max says, adding that he recommends beginning with the most frequently used rooms in the home.

“We’ve gone from doing one window to all the windows in the house, just depending on the customer,” he notes. “We like to measure everything when we go out to the homes, so that we have an idea of the dimensions if they want to add on later.”

Window coverings typically take two weeks for installation, and prices vary, based on size and style. Upkeep and maintenance will vary as well, based on use. Estimates are always free, and Max recommends having a rough estimate of measurements as well as styles/fabrics you might be interested in. You might be surprised at the range of products and what a difference they can make in the home.

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Happy Home: SEEKING SHADE Take a Tint


Some homeowners don’t want to bother with window covers or would prefer to combat the heat without compromising their outside view. ATD Window Tinting and Graphics has the solution that offers both peace of mind and simplicity. The company specializes in window tinting and features Solar Gard window film that will keep out the heat, no special maintenance required.

Shannon describes window film as the first line of defense in having more control over the home’s temperature “Solar Gard offers a full range of films that will fit homeowners’ needs—from something a little heavier to those that are almost invisible, so light that you can’t tell it’s even there. Each film blocks out 99 percent of UV rays, which damage the interior. You have to stop the problem where it’s occurring, and that is the glass. Even if you have blinds, you would have to close them, and that ruins your view.”

The film goes on the inside of the window, and can also be added to double pane windows, as well as low emissivity glass windows and Shannon emphasizes that the total cost might not be as overwhelming as some might think.

Some might associate window tinting with the dark film that’s common on vehicle windows. Not so, Shannon says: “Residential and commercial film is made especially for a house. It’s made with the homeowner in mind. Some people want their windows tinted to eliminate the glare. Some want it for privacy. If you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient—whether you’ve got the best glass in the world or whether you’ve got blinds, you’ve got to look into taking care of those hot spots. The number one thing I hear within minutes of installation is, ‘Man, why didn’t I do this years ago?’”

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