Happy Home: Treasures with a Purpose

October 3, 2016 raguirre

Find that finishing touch and support your fellow neighbors at The Emporium

Photography by DONICIO MADRID

The Emporium

It’s close to our hearts,” explains Heather Pollard of The Em- porium, the vintage and fine furnishings store she runs with the other members of the fabulous four, aka “The Cougars.” Heather and her close friends, Lanova Sheets, Billie Taylor, and Joanne Achen are all volunteers with a mission, and they’ve turned The Emporium into a non-profit fund raising machine for Mesilla Valley Hospice (MVH).

Who doesn’t love finding treasures and contributing to our community at the same time? When you walk into The Emporium, you never know what goodies you may find.

Beautiful vintage China dishes arranged to perfection on a cherry dining table with matching chairs, or US-made Fostoria glassware, no lon- ger in production. Maybe some fine linen napkins, along with silverware to complete the look. From crystal and collectible porcelain figurines to vintage jewelry, artwork, and amaz- ing antique furniture pieces, every item at The Emporium is curated and displayed by these talented ladies. “Customers like the store because it’s staged so well,” says Heather.

This is all made possible by families and individuals who donate gently used, antique furniture, collectible crystal, china, glassware, paintings, jewelry and much more.

Former Mayor Rueben Smith, who owns the building where The Empori- um is located, has been “very gener- ous to us too,” adds Heather.

This non-profit, sustainable business provides a serene shopping environment and funding for MVH, thanks in no small part to partners like the Rio Grande Rotary Club. The Rotary Club will pick up donations that The Emporium is not equipped to handle such as electronics, infant/baby items, appliances and other large items, and they also host an annual garage sale that benefits MVH.

As the only free-standing non-profit hospice care facility in Dona Ana county, MVH is integral to the Mesilla Valley. Their mission is to “continue the legacy of providing comfort and compassionate care to our community.” They are also the only hospice in New Mexico with a hospice house, La Posada.

A few years ago, MVH faced the threat of closing its doors. Being a non-profit organization dependent on public funding and support is tough, but with the help of the com- munity, The Emporium has raised $60,000 for MVH since opening their doors in June 2015.

Thanks to these fundraising dynamos and the compassion of other commu- nity members and organizations, MVH is poised to continue their mission of bringing comfort and care to the great community of people in Las Cruces.
Who doesn’t love finding treasures and contributing to our community at the same time? When you walk into The Emporium, you never know what goodies you may find.

Amount raised for Mesilla Valley Hospice since the store opened their doors in June 2015.

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