How To Choose Kid-Friendly Paint Colors

July 1, 2016 Jessica Muncrief

In honor of National Paint Week, Albert Loera, district manager for our area Sherwin-Williams stores, helped pull together a group of volunteers to revamp the exterior of the Las Cruces Boys & Girls Club. (Read all about it in the July/August issue of Neighbors magazine!). Looking to do something similar to your child’s room at home? Albert takes the guesswork out of choosing a kid-friendly color palette.

The dedicated team of volunteers that helped give the Boys & Girls Club a facelift.

Get Them Involved
“Kids are just like adults; they have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes,” Albert points out. Get them in on the design process by letting them help pick out their furniture, bedspreads, and décor. “This will give you a good basis to pick out paint colors for the walls,” he adds.

But don’t fail to be the guiding hand. Kids are generally drawn to bright, bold colors, which may not create a soothing spot for studying or sleeping. The compromise? Go with the color they like but add white to soften it up or steer them towards lighter shades of the same hue. If they must go bold, use it on just one accent wall or to paint the furniture.

Take Cues From the Experts
“We have a whole collection of colors in our stores and on our website specifically chosen for children’s rooms,” Albert notes.

This season, for example, Sherwin-Williams partnered with Pottery Barn Kids for paint palettes ranging from soft pastels to rich, bold hues. Likewise, their Kids’ Colors line “allows families to personalize a bedroom or playroom to reflect their child’s current age and personality, yet still have the flexibility to adapt the space as the child grows up. The colors complement a variety of designs to create fun, age-appropriate rooms that can be easily updated with new design themes over time.”

Snap To It!Sherwin Williams Snap Ap
Albert helped the Boys & Girls Club choose their paint colors with the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer smart phone app. Just snap on a paint swatch and you’ll see examples of how the color looks in different rooms, on an exterior, and even during different times of the day. You’ll also get a full range of complementary colors and directions on just where to find your chosen hue in the store. Or try this nifty trick: Upload a favorite photo and ColorSnap “will instantly match the colors in your photo helping you create a perfect, personalized palette.”

For more info on the app and choosing just the right colors for your child’s space, visit


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