Know Your Neighbors: April Fool’s

March 26, 2018 pixelmark

  1. Holiday | people shared april fools day memories

Photos and interviews by Steve MacIntyre

In honor of perhaps our wackiest holiday, we asked Las
Crucens: What is your most memorable April Fool’s Day prank?

Holiday | James Baca in sunglasses“A friend of mine, unknown to me, got into the back of my car last year when I was in Deming. I drove for a while and when I was pumping gas he jumped out causing me to shriek! It was kind of terrifying.”
-James Baca

Holiday | Angelique Amado smiling“Telling your parents you got married to a gypsy European and you’ll be gone for the foreseeable future.”
-Angelique Amado

Holiday | Chantel Teer with his mom“We have two actually. One time I convinced my mom I was pregnant, I left it a whole day.”
-Chantel Teer

“I pretended to get in an argument with my old roommate, Charles, and gave him a fake hit with a pan. Then, our other roommate, Justin, convinced it was real almost called an ambulance before we stopped him. Oh dear!”
-Ryan Stoops

Holiday | Lucas Hernandez in his cap on“My roommate used to work early in the morning. I was pulling an all-nighter and decided to sit in the dark until he came into the living room and I said in a deep voice a line from the movie Silence of the Lambs. I found it hilarious. Him, not so much. Let’s just say he didn’t talk to me until a few days after.”
-Lucas Hernandez

Holiday | Helen Smith in hoop earrings“My first date with my ex-husband was on April 1st, so it’s memorable. Does that count?”
-Helen Smith

Holiday | Dober Gall in his jacket and sunglasses“Let me give you a few classics: Holes in the sipping portion of the to-go coffee cup so it pours over the drinker’s chin. Saran Wrap over the toilet seat. Stick a note on someone’s back; you decide what it says. These are off the top of my head.”
-Dober Gall

Holiday | Danielle Long with her little man“So I have a story from last year. My husband, who is in the military, called his mom in the U.S. from Italy where we were living at the time. He told her he was deploying to Afghanistan. She cried immediately and I wish I could say he told her that he wasn’t actually deploying immediately but he didn’t. He left it a day. That was certainly an April Fool’s.”
-Danielle Long

Holiday | Shelby Garcia smiling“In middle school, I had a student job in administration so I convinced them to call my mom and they told her I was caught sending nude photos. My mother showed up furious and when they showed her the photos it was one of me holding up an April Fool’s sign. She still didn’t quite get it so I popped out from around the corner holding the April Fool’s sign. It didn’t go over quite as I planned.”
-Shelby Garcia

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