Know Your Neighbors: Best BBQ

July 22, 2017 Jessica Muncrief

yummy burger know your neighbor bbq

Nobody knows how to throw a good, downhome backyard BBQ like good country folk. So we headed out to the annual Las Cruces Country Music Festival to ask our neighbors:

What’s your must-have dish for an outdoor summer BBQ menu?

George Tacker bbq
“Beef brisket, cause I really like beef!”

Margarita Parra bbqMARGARITA PARRA
“BBQ ribs! They’re fun and family friendly”

Maddie King bbqMADDIE KING
“Macaroni! I love it!”

Enrique Martinez bbqENRIQUE MARTINEZ
Burgers. My mom makes some really good burgers.”

Mychal Torres bbqMYCHAL TORRES
“Hamburgers and hot dogs because they’re awesome!”

Steve & Erlinda Manning jpgSTEVE & ERLINDA MANNING
“Potato salad and grilled chicken!”

Kenny Arrollo bbqKENNY ARROLLO
“Brisket, because it’s gotta’ be brisket!”

Nancy Loya bbqNANCY LOYA
“Potatoes, because they’re good for you.”

Carlton & Aubrey Rivera bbqCARLTON & AUBREY RIVERA
“Chicken, just because we love it!”

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