Life Hacks: Our New Year’s Resolutions For You

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Five Ways to Improve Your Life


While it’s no secret that getting a full night’s sleep is essential to healthy living, you may have some bed-time habits that aren’t helping the cause. According to numerous studies, using a digital device right before bed (laptop, screen, tablet  or phone) will rob you of precious sleep time and restfulness. The background blue light in our ‘digi’ devices tricks the brain into producing less melatonin—that’s the chemical the body secretes to help us fall asleep naturally. Researches say you can lose 17 minutes a night of sleep among other negatives, so kick the ‘digi’ to the curb an hour before bed and you’ll sleep a lot better!


The people who you surround yourself with not only says a lot about who you are, but it also impacts what decisions you make. Cut out the ‘phone baloney’. We all have them. They’re those ‘friends’ who only call when they need a favor. They’re the ‘friends’ who always talk and never listen. You get the picture. Tighten your friends group and you’ll in turn strengthen your relationships with those people in you ‘Sphere of Influence’.


We’re not going to get all preachy about not eating meat for ethical reasons, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that a steady diet of steak, steak and more steak, will eventually land you in the ER. In Las Cruces we’re blessed to have ‘food at our fingertips’ so it’s easier than ever to replace one of your traditional meat dishes with a meatless alternative. When’s the last time you grilled some marinated tofu? Sure, your taste buds may not be as pleased but over time your body will say thank you.


Again, we’re not getting preachy here about climate change, global warming or anything — despite the fact it sure seems like the polar ice caps are melting. We’re talking about water usage. Not sure if you saw the article recently about El Paso, but they’ll soon be drinking treated sewage water. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a futuristic idea and we believe what they say: that the treated sewage water is actually cleaner than water you could get from a river. But make no mistake. It’s not cleaner than the water we pull from our aquifer. So think about ways you can cut back on your water usage: water efficient faucets, a low-flush toilet, heck even xeriscaping a green back yard. Our aquifer will thank you.


In Las Cruces, there are far too many to begin dropping names. More than 100 to be exact. It’s incredible to think of the volunteers and the good they do for our community. Sometimes when we don’t ‘see’ it with our own eyes we don’t realize just how much they do. As always when giving either time or money, we encourage you to do your homework, because there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. But once you support an organization that aligns with your personal beliefs, you’ll feel a lot better at the end of the night when you put down your tablet and pick up a book.



This goes without saying if you’re not currently doing a budget or even if you’re just ‘in and out.’ Not to be all Dave Ramsey and stuff, but putting your money to work for you is the beginning of financial happiness. Start to search budget in your App Store and there are any number of budget trackers, many without in-app purchases. However, as you begin to scroll, we’ll tell you in advance, you’ll eventually come across “Pay before Payday” apps and be left a little speechless.


Any fitness tracker really, there are tons out there but it depends on your fitness routine. This is one category that has a lot of options. Whether you’re into walking, cardio, yoga, weight loss or even building muscle, just type ‘fitness’ into your App Store search bar and away you go!


Whether you want to watch calories, add anti-oxidants or detox, as they say ‘there’s an app for that.’ Searching for food nutrition will really open your eyes to the possibilities and actually using one of the apps will blow your mind. However, we’ll pre-warn you: It does take attention to detail and persistence, because while the apps are smart, they’re not going to do the work for you.


Well this is an easy one for our area. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you hear people talking but don’t have any idea what they’re saying, spending some time with a language learning app will not necessarily make you fluent, but you’ll at least understand ‘a little’ of the conversation. We will warn you, that many of the free language apps have the dreaded ‘in app’ purchase option, so you might end up watching a hundred car commercials before you realize hearing ‘Orale’ is a good thing.


Apps like ‘36 Questions’ and ‘Gottman Card Decks’ aim to help couples explore and strengthen their relationships. Think it’s a scam? Give one a try and you’ll be surprised! We guarantee at least a few laughs—either when using the app or after when you look at each other and say ‘2 million people actually downloaded that?!?’

No matter what your resolution is, remember while it’s easy to set goals, it’s far more difficult to achieve them. Rather than making your resolution a wish, change the way you look at it by making it an actionable thing. Want to do support a non-profit? Do your homework, research which may fit you best, call and ask how you can help. Eventually, you may find yourself volunteering for a couple of hours a week. When you can associate an action with the task, it’ll become that much easier to take the first step and then continue on as long as it takes.

Best wishes, we believe in you!

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