Local Business: A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

September 28, 2016 raguirre

Sherwin-Williams Gives Back and Transforms Our Local Boys & Girls Club

A Little Paint Goes A Long WayIn honor of National Painting Week, Sherwin-Williams helped update thousands of non-profits, schools, churches, and other community organizations all across the country. Albert Loera, district manager for the stores in our area, noticed that the Boys & Girls Club of Las Cruces was in need of a serious facelift. The exterior of the 100-year old facility, located in the Downtown historic district, hadn’t been repainted in decades and the faded, peeling pink hue did nothing to emphasize the exceptional programs going on inside the building.

The Las Cruces Boys & Girls Club picks up at 20 schools around the city during the school year and services upwards of 70 children per day. During the summer, that number jumps to around 115. The dedicated staff provides tutoring services, sports programs, art activities, and a whole slew of other recreational and social activities. The kids that attend also receive hot meals and snacks.

“We were so excited when we got the phone call,” remembers Ashley Echavarria, executive director of the Las Cruces program. “This is something we’ve been needing for a long time. We do painting projects and touch ups inside as we can, but we just don’t have the budget or manpower to take on the exterior. People that have never been inside are always pleasantly surprised when they see it, but they never would have known that driving by. The curb appeal just wasn’t there.”

Not only did the local Sherwin-Williams stores donate all the paint and supplies, Albert also gathered a crew of his employees and put some feelers out to his customers to round up a team of 25 volunteers who spent a full day transforming the facility. A little paint goes a long ways and the curb appeal is now there, the facility looks great!

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

“We wanted to make an impact on the appearance because that just makes people feel more welcomed and comfortable,” Albert explains. “You’d be surprised how much color can affect someone’s day, and sometimes their life. I’ve worked in different markets all over New Mexico and Texas, and I’ve noticed that when someone buys a house that needs a little TLC and they fix it up, paint it, and make it look nice, normally the neighbors will follow suit. It spreads throughout the neighborhood, so we’re hoping this is a good thing not just for this club, but for the community as well.”

To spruce up their building, Ashley and her team selected a palette of grey and teal—with Boys & Girls Club’s signature blue on the doors, of course. “We wanted something bright and fun, but that would still blend in with the neighborhood,” she explains. “And the blue door is our symbol nationally. We say, ‘Our blue doors transform,’ so that was a must.”

With our local Boys & Girls club now spruced up, Albert says he’d like to extend a challenge to others. “Who’s next?” he asks. “A lot of us are really blessed in life, but we can’t just take, take, take, we have to give also. There has to be a balance. So my challenge to you is: Who is going to step up next? As local businesses and citizens, we need to lead by example. There are a lot of other organizations besides the Boys & Girls Club that would welcome help. Strong communities are all about people helping people.”

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way


Children per day the Las Cruces Boys & Girls Club provides services to during the school year

One Hundred

Approximate age of the current Boys & Girls Club building.

Twenty Five

Volunteers who spent a full day transforming the facility.

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

Snap To It

Albert helped the Boys & Girls Club choose their paint colors with the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer smart phone app. Just snap on a paint swatch and you’ll see examples of how the color looks in different rooms, on an exterior, and even during different times of the day. You’ll also get a full range of complementary colors and directions on just where to find your chosen hue in the store. Or try this nifty trick: Upload a favorite photo and ColorSnap “will instantly match the colors in your photo helping you create a perfect, personalized palette.”

We wanted to make an impact on the appearance because that just makes people feel more welcomed and comfortable.”


Written by Jessica Muncrief

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