Making our cover Elote en Vaso

December 19, 2016 raguirre


10 ears of corn, shucked and cut from the cob
2 tablespoons butter, per serving
1/4 cup lime juice, per serving
1/4 cup crema mexicana, per serving
2 tablespoons crumbly cotija, per serving
Chili powder
Valentina hot sauce
Lime wedges for garnish
Salt to taste

What to do:

Husk the corn, remove the silks, and slice the kernels from the cobs with a sharp knife.Place the corn in a saucepan with enough salted water to cover. Bring to a boil; let boil for two to three minutes, then drain. Turn off the heat, and return corn to saucepan.

Add 3/4 cup of corn in a glass, add butter, and stir to melt the butter. Mix in lime juice and crema. Sprinkle with a good heavy coating of chili powder and salt if desired, though the cheese adds plenty of salt. Mix well and then top with crumbled cheese. If you like spicy then add a few drops of some Valentina for an extra kick.
Serve with a spoon and lime wedges. Chips also make a great substitute for a spoon. Feel free to adjust the proportions of lime juice, crema, cheese, and spices to taste. There really is no wrong way to make Elote en Vaso your own.

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