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April 11, 2017 raguirre

Jamie O’Hara, “inventor” of The Cajón Brothers, fills us in on band history and what to expect at a live performance.

Written by Jamie O’Hara

What began as a duo, became a trio, had some personnel changes and is now a bit fluid. I am the inventor of the band, Paul Walter Kimball and Tim McKellar are founding members, and Dave Ferris is our other brother on percussion. Paul is currently blowing his trumpet with the Galway Steet Club across Ireland until he returns in the fall.

The Cajón Brothers play a mostly original bluesy, jazzy, rocking groovy kind of mix and fusion of genres. We whack cover tunes, but keep them fun and mostly intact. The band is energetic to the end with original acoustic rock, jazzy bossa nova numbers, progressive blues and covers from Bill Withers to Sam Smith, The Band, Eric Clapton, Norah Jones and Tracey Chapman, and a little Elvis too.

Everybody sings (none of us suck), and we sound like we’ve been playing together live for about four years. Coincidentally, we are at our fourth anniversary. Shout out to Jeremiah Richardson who helped get things started on bass in the beginning.

It’s not unusual to see The Cajón Brothers feature a guest artist at their shows or to have other great musicians occasionally sit in on some tunes. Artists like Tom Foster Morris, Janice Luper, Dwight Goetz, Chris Wollard, Joe Terrazas and Nicole Osborne have all been guest artists.

When you come out to see us live, expect fun originals, jamming shows, and cool takes on old and new cover tunes, plus great guest artists at some of the coolest venues around.

What is a Cajón?

The Cajón is a simple box/bongo drum that arose in Peru five centuries ago under Spanish oppression. The Spaniards burned all the Peruvian natives’ flutes, drums, and stringed instruments. They took their simple Cajón, which was a common utility, a drawer, footlocker, table, chair, work surface box with a hole on one end on the side. They replaced the front or “tapa” with a thinned piece of wood, made a snare out of cord and or metal. Their masters would ask, “Do you have any instruments?” They would reply, “No, just a simple drawer/box.” Then use their voices and their wooden bongo snare drums to make music and express themselves. It is this spirit witch inspires our name and our originality. The Cajón is currently the most popular percussion instrument in the nation of Spain

Upcoming shows include:

Saturday, March 25 from 7-11pm at The Cajón Brothers at The Game II in Las Cruces, NM
Friday, March 31 from 8-10pm at The Cajón Brothers at Vintage Wines & Cigars in Mesilla, NM

See more scheduled performances and hear their music at:

See more about The Cajón Brothers and many other talented live musicians in Las Cruces in the Spring/Summer issue of Las Cruces magazine now available.

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