Memorial Medical Center Opens First ACE Unit in the Region

December 17, 2015 Julian Nunez

Memorial Medical Center will celebrated the ribbon cutting and grand opening of their new ACE (Acute Care for the Elderly) Unit on December 17, 2015. An ACE Unit is a specialized hospital unit for geriatric patients. The Unit and staff are fully trained and equipped to provide all services that are provided on general medicine units of the hospital, and more.

In addition to this basic level of service, there are several specialized services aimed at the elderly patient population. The nursing and ancillary staff on the ACE Unit are in tune with the needs of this frail population and are aware of the higher level of morbidity and social issues they may have.

Amanda, DrRoberto, & John Harris Cut the Ribbon of ACE.
Amanda, Dr. Roberto Duran ,III, & John Harris cut the ribbon of the ACE Unit at Medical Memorial Center.

Our community is home to a large population of retirees,” said John Harris, Memorial CEO. “We recognize the need to serve an aging population. They have unique needs and challenges when they become hospitalized. With the special care we provide in our ACE Unit, we have a better opportunity to send these patients home without any deterioration to their overall condition. We are very proud to offer this unique and much-needed level of care to these special patients.”

Dr. Roberto Duran, III.
Dr. Roberto Duran, III.

Elderly patients with a variety of health challenges can deteriorate during hospitalization. Geriatric units have been shown to improve functional status after discharge for elderly patients. This improvement centers on the realization that good geriatric care involves a multidisciplinary approach. In addition to delivering expert geriatric acute medical care, the staff of the ACE Unit focuses on several additional core health components such as maximizing functional status, identifying cognitive impairment and affective disorders, and identifying and addressing social issues. The ACE Unit begins discharge planning on the day of admission.

The new eighteen-bed ACE Unit is located on the fifth floor in the Memorial tower. It is a secure unit; meaning entry and exit are controlled. Patients who are able are encouraged to eat and socialize in a special dining area in the Unit. Patients can be referred by their physician or through a nursing home.

Dr. Roberto Duran, III, who has a private practice in internal and geriatric medicine in Las Cruces, is the Medical Director for the ACE Unit. Each ACE Unit patient has a full team of caregivers overseeing their care. The team includes a physician team, nurses, ancillary care staff, a social worker and physical therapist, with plans to include an occupational therapist. To ensure the patient’s psychological well-being and to accentuate coping skills with illness, recreational therapy and pastoral care are available for consultation.

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