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April 10, 2017 raguirre

Learn facts about local musicians in Las Cruces, NM like who are the members of the band, their signature sounds, and some fun facts.triple jack band

Signature Sound: Straight-up Classic Rock
Members: Pete “Tha Heat” Hecker (Bass, Vocals), Armando “New York City” Alejo (Guitar), Big Joel Parker (Drums), James Narvaez (Guitar, Vocals)
Expect to Hear: Classic covers up to about the 1980s. Mostly rock with a little funk and soul mixed in for good measure. Set lists range from Lynard Skynard to Marvin Gaye and Prince.
See Them At: El Patio or Palacios. “We also like playing The Game for the good atmosphere. People can sit outside and just enjoy the music,” James says.
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tanner huston bandTANNER HUSTON
Signature Sound: Americana
Backstory: Tanner first picked up a guitar while resting up with a high school football knee injury. When he moved from Carrizozo to Las Cruces, he did his first open mic night at Dublin’s and he’s been addicted to playing for crowds ever since.
Expect to Hear: An even split of covers and originals inspired by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and more recently, Jason Isbell.
Watch For It: “I play foot drums standing up and backwards while playing the guitar.” Tanner also dabbles in the drums, harmonica, and bass and plans to buy a banjo soon.
Ideal Audience: “I love the atmosphere at Sparky’s. You get a lot of people paying attention there. Certain atmospheres are just listening atmospheres. I also really enjoyed playing at Art Obscura.”
Stay Tuned: He’s in the middle of recording a new album which he hopes to release this summer.
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phat soul bandPHAT SOUL
Signature Sound: “Heavy in the groove”
Members: Conrad Barrio (Guitar, Vocals), Chris Gomez (Drums), Chendo Ontiveros (Bass), Henry Quintana (Sax, Percussion, Keyboards), Ruben Roman (Vocals, Sound), Rudy Roman (Lead Vocals), Sal “Corny” Tellez (Keyboards), Ruben Roman Jr. and Michael Franco (Equipment & Production)
Expect to Hear: R&B, Classic Rock, and Disco covers from the 60s, 70s, and 80s
The Phat Soul Difference: Comprised of former professional road musicians, every member of the band has toured the continental United States, and the world with numerous other professional groups. Some have been performing professionally for over 40 years.
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ghetto blaster bandTHE GHETTO BLASTER
Signature Sound: Weekend Party Music
Members: Oliver Charity (Vocals), Scott Guthrie (Guitar), Jason Reed (Bass), Dru Hubbard (Drums)
Expect to See: Familiar faces. All the band members were formally part of the extremely popular local cover band,

Expect to Hear: “Music that people want to dance and have a good time to,” says Jason. The band plays only covers from popular musicians like AC/DC, Prince, Culture Club, David Bowie, and Van Halen.
Hear Them Play At: Many of their gigs lately are at private parties. “We really like playing at El Patio, Palacios, and The Game. All three offer good people all around, from the people that work there to the people that go there.”
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double clutchers bandDOUBLE CLUTCHERS
Signature Sound: Traditional Rockabilly
Members: Felipe Calavera (Bass, Vocals), Chris “Strange-Man” Smith (Guitar, Vocals), David Lucey (drums)
Expect to Hear: Two sets of original rockabilly songs written by Felipe and Chris. “As far as I’m aware, we’re the only true rockabilly band in Southern New Mexico and I’m pretty certain we’re the only ones that do original music,” says Felipe.
Fated Encounter: Chris, who hails from Detroit, and Felipe, a Milwaukee native, met at an El Patio show and bonded over their shared Midwestern roots. David joined the group in May 2016.
Favorite Local Venues: “El Patio is fun. We also like Vintage Wines and Amaro Winery. Both seem to attract less scenesters and more music lovers. We like playing to that kind of crowd.”
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alison reynolds bandALISON REYNOLDS
Signature Sound: Country and Folk
Expect to Hear: String music influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. Set list includes original songs along with covers she’s added her own sounds to, like her versions of Jimmy Eat World’s “In the Middle” and Donovan’s “Catch the Wind.”
Second Act: After a long break from music, Alison started playing again in 2001 with La Cella Bella, a cello quartet, before venturing back to her roots as a singer and songwriter.
Ideal Gig: “I like places that support live music and local musicians like Vintage Wines, Rio Grande Winery, Amaro Winery, and Café Don Felix on the corner of the Mesilla Plaza.”
Look For: She’s putting the final touches on her new CD, slated for release this spring.
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the cajon brothers bandTHE CAJON BROTHERS
Signature Sound: “Acoustic Blues Fusion”
Members: Jamie O’Hara (Guitar, Vocals), Paul Kimball (Drums), Tim McKellar (Bass, Vocals), Dave Ferris (Drums). Dave is currently filling in for Paul who is traveling in Ireland for six months with the Galloway Street Club.
Expect to Hear: “A bluesy, jazzy, rock-and-roll mix.” Set lists are about 70 percent originals and 30 covers runnng the gamut from Latin Jazz (think Bossa Nova) to 50s rock, like Elvis Presley—but all with a unique vibe. Their rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” has an unexpected rockabilly tempo.
Small World: Jamie, a magician by day, spent 25 years in the contemporary church band scene. When he retired, he couldn’t squash the urge to keep playing, so he started writing his own songs. After he’d been playing with Paul for about six months, he realized he was the hired magician at Paul’s fifth and seventh birthdays.
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remember then bandREMEMBER THEN
Signature Sound: Tunes of the 50s and 60s
Members: Barb Edmonds (Vocals), Ruben Smith (Sax, Vocals), Ron Leone (Trumpet, Vocals), Ruben Galvan (Drums), Miguel Torres (Keyboard), Jeff Segreto (Lead Guitar), John Hyndman (Bass, Vocals)
Expect to Hear: Doo-wop, ballads, and instrumental solos ranging from Ritchie Valen’s “La Bamba” to “Morse Code of Love” from The Capris to “Sincerely” by the McGuire Sisters. Their signature number: 1962 doo-wop song “Remember Then” first performed by The Earls.
Recent Gigs: They recently performed in joint concerts at NMSU’s Center for the Arts and at the Rio Grande Theatre, as well as at the grand opening of the Downtown Plaza. They’re available for hire for private parties and are especially popular for reunions.
Fun Facts: The group has brought renowned acts to town to perform with them including The Platters and The Coasters. Between all the members, Ruben Smith estimates that they have a combined 250 years of musical experience.
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chris baker bandCHRIS BAKER
Signature Sound: Americana
Band Members: Mark Klett (Guitar, Piano), Mike Trujillo (Drums), Jason Reed (Bass)
Expect to Hear: A little bit of country, a little bit of folk, along with some top 100 country and pop hits. “It just depends on the venue. If it’s more intimate, I’ll do more originals. At the wineries, they usually like Johnny Cash and Elvis type stuff. In a bar setting it’s whatever’s popular on country radio right now.”
Mini Bio: Chris started playing open mic nights at Dublin’s in 2007 thanks to fellow musician Daniel Park. His songwriting influences include Pat Green, James Taylor, and Jim Croce. Well-known for playing in the region, he has also performed in Texas, Oklahoma, Nashville, Colorado, California, and most recently, Las Vegas.
What’s Next: Chris is in the writing stages of a new album and is hoping to start playing on the road more. Someday he hopes to open a studio space to record his own music and others.
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