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January 31, 2017 raguirre

Tom WelchHailing from

Pleasant Hill, CA (about 15 miles east of San Francisco)

Heading south

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for most of my life. When I retired, I wanted to relocate to a warmer climate. I knew I would head south; it was just a matter of where my feet would hit the ground. I was out on the road and ended up stopping through Las Cruces. I love the natural beauty of the desert. Within a year I came back for a second impression and that’s when I started talking to real estate agent, Mary Holliday. She really took the time to get to know me. She showed me a bunch of properties, but I didn’t find quite what I wanted, so we started talking about new construction. I looked at one of GL Green’s courtyard homes and I liked the open floorplan with a patio in the back that is really accessible.

Conveniences of Home

I decided to build in Sonoma Ranch. It’s a little closer to Lohman and Downtown where I have access to services. We looked at a lot of different areas. There’s a lot of choices in this town and a lot of charm depending on where you go. I wanted less property to take care of and to be somewhere close to the routine, day-to-day shopping.

The Social Hobbyist

I’ve been introduced to a mixed group of people since moving here. We meet on a regular basis for cornhole and we just went to Albuquerque for a tournament. When I was looking for the lot to build, I expressed interest in a bocce ball court. I thought it would be a great way to get to know new people. I put up outdoor lights on the side of the house so we can play on summer evenings. It’s a nice diversion that doesn’t require a tennis racket or a lot of running around.
I’m also a big reader, and I like to walk and do a little bit of gardening. I’m a big baseball fan, so playoffs season is my Christmas. When I go out around town, I like St. Clair down by Mesilla or Luna Rossa for pizza.

Free living

Politically and socially, I like the diversity of the population here. It’s a swing state so there are a lot of liberals as well as conservatives. Being a college town with younger people is also a plus. In the Bay Area, we had USF, Cal Berkley, and Stanford. I found that I enjoy being around that environment. Institutions of learning always promote freer thinking. There’s not a whole lot of traffic, pollution, or crime. Cruces is less busy, less confused. People enjoy the simpler lifestyle which is what I’m looking for. There’s a lot about this town in the plus column.

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