Not New, But Renewed: Picacho Hills Country Club

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Picacho Hills Community Club Offers An Exciting Option for Las Cruces

Written by Margaret Herberger
Photography courtesy Community Club of Picacho Hills

PHCC Membership | bartender preparing drinksI was discussing the impending sale of Picacho Hills Country Club with a friend who lives in town. Imagine my surprise when she asked whether anyone from Las Cruces could become a member. My answer was a resounding, “Yes! Anyone who values having fun in a beautiful setting with their friends!”

PHCC Membership | three wine glasses on a tableMembers from the greater Las Cruces area have always been welcome to join PHCC; in fact, there are currently around 200 members who live in town. If you’ve never driven up the West Mesa and over the hills next to Picacho Peak, you’ve missed the best view in the city. The Organ Mountains stand out at any time of day, catching our attention and inspiring awe with their ever-changing beauty. At night, the city lights twinkle and shimmer as if the valley is filled with jewels, all visible from the clubhouse dining rooms.

So now’s your chance, Las Cruces. There’s a gorgeous spot in town for meetings, golf, tennis, pickle ball, dining, and hanging out with friends. It’s not new, but it’s going to be renewed and refreshed. It’s called the Community Club of Picacho Hills. And it’s open to anyone and everyone who cares to purchase a membership.

PHCC Membership | dining area overlooking a golf course

What’s new is that the former Picacho Hills Country Club, after 16 years of ownership, is being sold by its owners, Don and Louis Biad, to its members. This is the chance for Las Cruces residents to join a formerly private, privately-owned club, which is now a private non-profit, owned and operated by its members, with a new governing structure. Working with a newly-formed Board of Directors, members will have the opportunity to shape the Club’s operations and activities. As the saying goes, this is not your mother’s country club!

PHCC Membership | women playing cards on the tableCommittees of volunteers have raised the money to fund a lawyer to draw up the offering documents. They’ve contacted as many households as possible, by community outreach and creation of a Facebook page and website. Those contacted are largely enthusiastic about the change in ownership, feeling that being in control of the Club would allow more member input than ever before regarding upcoming projects and events.

PHCC Membership | kids in pool and man playing golfDoes your club need to hold a meeting? Want to celebrate a wedding or other special event? A corporate golf tournament? Have a party you’d like to host in a venue with both exceptional views and fabulous food? Do you want to investigate starting a junior golf or tennis program? These are experiences you and your friends will want to be a part of.

The potential for member-exclusive and community-hosted events is endless. This will soon be a prime venue in Las Cruces. In addition to offering the best golf course in southern New Mexico, the Community Club will offer tennis and pickle ball events, fun events for families of all ages, both casual and fine dining with exceptional food, a gorgeous view, and so much more.

“It’s called the Community Club of Picacho Hills. And it’s open to anyone and everyone who cares to purchase a membership.”

Don’t miss the chance to join the Community Club of Picacho Hills. For more information, call:

Bob Crowley at 575-635-2325,
Andy Philo at 575-523-8038,
Dave Ineich at 505-995-8957,
or visit the website,

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