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The Royal Treatment | bird home deco

Television’s favorite game is pushing current décor trends

Written and photography by Susie Ouderkirk

The Royal Treatment | fairy and angel figurine home decorFairies, and other ethereal things with wings, will be popping up in both indoor and outdoor decor this winter. Find the perfect accessories to decorate your home by shopping local, from steampunk metal items (above) and gothic figurines (far left) at Spirit Winds, to angel garden statues (left) at Casa Bonita

An old adage proclaims that “life imitates art,” meaning what artists choose to paint or sculpt tends to be imitated in our everyday lives. Artwork that we admire turns up all around us, and this winter, home décor is pulling inspiration from a very unconventional place: Westeros.

That’s right. The mythical land from Game of Thrones is having a big impact on what designers are stocking up on for the new year to decorate with. Just as the television hit Mad Men ushered in a revival of styles from the nostalgic 1950s, “G of T” as it’s known by fans, has shed torchlight on rugged, natural design.

So put away the sleek mid-century lounge chairs, the black and white checkered murals, and the stainless steel dining tables and take a trip back in time to the dark stone and metallic simplicity of the Middle Ages.

Laura Thomsen, interior designer and owner of City Designs in Indiana and frequent visitor to Las Cruces, says, “Furniture and décor that could withstand the wear and tear of the medieval period, made from raw materials from the forest outside your back door, are coming in style. Wood and iron with rough edges and dark stains will be adding weight and history to both indoor and outdoor décor next season.”

The Royal Treatment | dragon with a magnifying glass
Sorceresses conjuring up dragons and unicorns are hot items this winter in design styles for the home. These mystical tchotchkes are available at Spirit Winds.

“Living room pieces, such as arm chairs and ottomans, can be larger than ever.” Solid wood tables, “like in a medieval tavern,” invite guests for a frothy pint of ale and a roasted turkey leg. “Glass coffee tables or lighting wouldn’t last too long in those days, so look for simpler, rough-hewn designs.”

Little details, such as square-cut nails and mortise and tenon joints, add even more rustic charm, Laura says.

For wall decoration, take a hint from Daenerys Targaryen and lavish rich burgundy and gray textiles and tapestries above and around the couches and chairs. Laura’s suggestion: “Wrap curtains and tapestries with thick fibers or metal horse bits, and carry the style over onto the fireplace mantel or the stair railing.”

For knick-knacks, look to the fantasy realm, Laura says.

Don’t be Outfoxed!

The Royal Treatment | fox outdoor decorStyle trends are fickle,” says designer Laura Thomsen. “Owls have been big for half a decade, but keep your eyes out for a new woodland creature sneaking in. The fox.”

Fox-inspired art, clothing, jewelry, décor and more will be popular this winter, Laura says. “Foxes are smart and clever, and have a very attractive profile. Plus, that deep rusty orange color is so striking, especially against the muted browns of the Las Cruces desert.”

And finally, she adds, “Dragons and unicorns are not just for kids anymore. Indulge your inner prince or princess and bring one or two mythical beasts into your house.”

A man’s home is his castle. This winter, make yours a castle, too!

“Living room pieces, such as arm chairs and ottomans, can be larger than ever.”

“Dragons, fairies, unicorns, kings and queens, knights and wizards. The things you loved as a child can now decorate your home in a grown-up way.”

The Royal Treatment | Ilena Oversized OttomanCindy Lipski, who works at Spirit Winds, sees the “steampunk” vibe growing in popularity. With similarities to G of T, this style harkens back to the days of simple machines and sweat equity. According to, steampunk is “a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period.”

Animals wearing goggles and top hats adorned with gear pieces and clockwork are steampunk icons. Decorate your living areas with metallic fish and birds, and add a set of wings—with or without an angel attached—to keep the look otherworldly. Both Spirit Winds and Casa Bonita, have a variety of decoration pieces that reflect the steampunk style of Game of Thrones.

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