Open Mic Night at the Rio Grande Theater

July 23, 2013 admin

Open Mic Night at the Rio Grande TheaterIf you or someone you know has talent, the Rio Grande Theater wants to see it! On the first Friday of every month,  the theater, located at 211 N Main in the Downtown Mall, hosts a free open mic night for musicians, story-tellers, poets, writers, performance artists, and many others. The registration for all artists opens at 6:30 p.m., and performances are from  7  until 9:30 p.m. Many talented and creative people perform at the theater and usually all 13 slots are filled—and are appreciated by a full audience.

A recent open mic night took place during a stormy evening. Because of the weather, only about half the slots were filled, but some amazing people came out. On a first name basis Hugo, Bruce, and Larry were some of the musicians who performed. The majority of them had written  songs about the struggles they faced in their life or about others in their lives. Many songs were close to heart and very touching. Danny performed several cover songs by the famous Elvis Presley. He had a great voice that was nearly identical to Elvis.

Open Mic Night at the Rio Grande Theater  There were some amazing story-tellers who performed that night as well. A very touching and beautifully written story came from Helen, who read aloud quite gracefully. Jay sang a short introductory tune, flawlessly read his bedtime story, and ended with another short tune. Carl, a savvy intellect, provided an analysis of multiple excerpts from readings he had found and related them to one another. One of the last performances was from the emcee himself, Chris Mitchell, a comedian and magician. Chris performed a comedy routine with the help from his friend, Rocky, a stuffed raccoon.  Mitchell brings Rocky to life, and  Rocky grabs the audience’s attention and gets a lot of laughs.

If you welcome the chance to be a supportive audience, this a great event to attend as you’ll enjoy the various talents of undiscovered local artists.

Larry Carl Bruce Hugo Jay Danny Helen
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