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Athletic equipment store lightens the high cost of
sports for local families

Written by Daniel Gonzales Photography by Renee Boudreau

Have you ever heard a kid say the phrase, “Hey come check out my Happy Meal toy collection”? Probably not. Most of those cheap toys are in a graveyard underneath the driver seat of the SUV or waiting underneath the couch cushions to clog up the vacuum cleaner’s hose. Children like ponies and superheroes one day, and guitars and dragons the next.

Sports | couple in a sports gear storeIf it’s sports they’re interested in, there is no shortage of options out there for them to test and try out to see if they have an interest and an aptitude for it. Parents spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their kids’ sports equipment and events every year, and like those Happy Meal toys, a lot of that equipment is often outgrown and relegated to some storage bin deep in the garage.

Thankfully, a solution has arrived. In late September 2017, Play it Again Sports opened its doors in Las Cruces. This sports equipment store offers both new and used equipment, as well as the option to buy, sell, or trade equipment according to the changing winds of your child’s ever-evolving sporting interests.

“Many parents have kids that start a sport and either don’t finish the season or outgrow their equipment before season’s end,” says owner and operator Justin Glick. “We provide options that the big box stores do not, and in the end, it can save a family hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars.”

Athletic store | sports gear on displayJustin and his wife, Alysha, moved to Las Cruces just over four years ago from Indiana, and Justin began looking all over the area for a new and used sports store to no avail. “We used to always shop at Play it Again Sports in Indiana, and I thought Las Cruces would be the perfect community to open up a store,” he says.

The process is simple, take in any gently used sporting equipment and Play it Again Sports will offer you either cash or store credit. The benefit to store credit is that the value of your used item is increased. For example, something you may sell for $50 would get you $65 worth of store credit that can be used at any point within a calendar year. “We had one guy come in when we first opened and racked up $900 in store credit by just bringing in equipment he no longer used,” Justin remembers. “All of it was really good quality stuff, it just wasn’t being used anymore.”

Sports | athletic gears on displayWhen Play it Again Sports buys the equipment, it is then sold for approximately half the price of what the big box stores are selling the same product for. Play it Again can also custom order any piece of equipment any customer desires and, because it is a locally owned business, can hold sales whenever they see fit. They also have a program for local coaches that offers 15 percent off anything in the store throughout the entire season.

“Las Cruces has been a great home for us, and we are proud to play such an important role in the community. We had hundreds of game worn Aggie football jerseys just before they went to the Arizona Bowl that we’re selling for just $9.99, and now we have just about 20 left,” Justin notes.

From youth leagues at Meerscheidt to the high school rivalries, and even intramurals at NMSU or Gus Macker, we love our sports in Las Cruces. If you are in the market for getting sports equipment or getting rid of sports equipment for yourself or kids in your family, stop by Play it Again Sports. You may just save—or make!—a few bucks.

Play it Again Sports

1021 E. Amador Ave., Suite A

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