Product Spotlight: Coming Clean

April 20, 2017 raguirre

Do you know what’s in your cleaning products? Forget harsh chemicals that put off unpleasant fumes. Melaleuca’s EcoSense line is not only safe for the environment, it’s safe for your family.

Written by Cassie McClure
Photos courtesy Melaleuca

There is fine line between trying to keep your home impeccably clean and making sure that chemical fumes don’t run your family and pets out the house. Thankfully, more modern day cleaning products are making that a problem of the past. Melaleuca’s EcoSense line of household products veers away from harsh chemicals—like chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, and ammonia—opting instead for the natural cleaning power of citric acids from lemons and oranges and oils from herbs, like thyme. Melaleuca’s Scott Hollander says that it’s been a company charge from the very beginning.

“We believe: clean homes, clean streams, clean conscience,” Scott says. “Our inspiration comes from nature and that’s what we keep in mind when we do our product development.”

The Melaleuca brand is already well-known for its vitamins and lotions, and their strong and robust line of products under the EcoSense label is garnering more and more attention. From air fresheners and furniture polish to laundry and dishwasher detergents, they cover all the traditional cleaning needs, and even offer an all-natural disinfectant.

“Sol-U-Guard Botanical is an EP-approved disinfectant that kills over 99.9% of germs,” Scott explains. “Consumers care about what happens in their four walls, and about being environmentally responsible and taking care of the earth and ecosystem we all live in.”

Melaleuca cleaners offer a whole host of benefits like no aerosols or flammability, and detergents with the high-efficency HE tag for new washers.

“Our Tub and Tile is 12 times concentrated which means that you can get the product for less than six cents an ounce,” Scott adds. “With our competitor Lime Away, you’d have to buy six bottles to get the amount in one of our bottles. We want to provide these accessible products at reasonable prices.”

The company’s focus on high-concentrated products also saves plastic from heading to the landfill and reduces the overall carbon emissions from shipping. Added bonus: Melaleuca laundry products could cut your power bill. Their detergents are formulated to clean in cold water, which uses 90 percent less energy than when washing with hot water. Their products have biodegradable ingredients, but best of all, leave the traditional chemical fumes behind in the dust.

“We’ve had customers say that before they’ve had to have their family leave the home when they clean because they’d get an asthmatic response. Our products smell exactly like nature,” Scott notes, pointing to the tropical sorbet, sea salt, and vanilla fabric fresheners.

In fact, Melaleuca cleaning supplies are safe enough to not even require a childproof cap. (But even though it might smell like a sorbet or salad dressing, Scott adds with a laugh that he wouldn’t “go so far as recommending to taste it.”)

With 31 years of experience, the company removed many of the ingredients that damage the environment way ahead of their competitors. “We removed phosphate from our automatic dishwashing detergent long before Walmart and other companies forced products on their shelves to do that,” Scott says. “We had seen phosphates foul up rivers and streams, grow algae, and damage plant and fish life. EcoSense, and Melaleuca are taking a look at the environment and ecology and making sense of it.”

Las Cruces homeowner Kathy Switzer thought that Melaleuca made sense for her life too. “I became of member of Melaleuca in the late 1990s,” she says. “A friend introduced me to the shopping club. With our architect’s help, my husband and I decided to build a ‘healthy home’ as free from toxins as possible.”

Kathy’s husband, Greg Switzer, adds that Melaleuca helps them give back to the ecosystem they live in. “When we lived in the country on a septic system, we didn’t want to be dumping things that were bad for the system and bad for the soil,” he explains. “These products are ideal for that reason.”

Kathy also offers up another testament to using Melaleuca products for so many years. She says she’s been tested for toxins by a physician and he determined her to be toxin-free. “I absolutely believe it was using Melaleuca and I don’t feel like having bleach in my home ever again.”

To learn more about Melaleuca and shop their full line of healthy, affordable, eco-friendly products visit:

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