Shop Local: Bohemian Rhapsody Market

July 27, 2017 Jessica Muncrief

Written by Jessica Muncrief
Photograpy by Dennis Muncrief and Morgan McGinley

entry shop of a store with assortment of products
Beauty salon, coffee shop, gift store—could San Pasqual Market be your new favorite one-stop-shop?

multicolor skeleton print decor pillow by the window What started as a hair salon has evolved in to so much more. Kirstie Robles, owner of San Pasqual Market, has turned this funky Mesilla venue into something truly special.

A licensed cosmetologist, Kirstie opened the shop 15 years ago as a salon. Today, she still offers haircuts and styling, waxing, facials, and mani/pedis, along with a fun array of home décor items, clothing, and now, snacks and coffee.

woman in black top sitting on a covered couch to pose with skeleton decor in the background“People really seem to love the store, but I hear all the time that they had no idea we were back here,” Kirstie says.

boots arranged in a tiered wooden shelfSan Pasqual Market is just steps from the Mesilla plaza on Calle de Guadalupe (right behind Nambe and across from the Fountain Theater). The entrance is tucked back in a flowery courtyard furnished with eclectic pieces of upcycled furniture. The shop is well known for it’s Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) items, but you’ll find plenty of other goodies inside. Most items have some sort of Southwestern vibe for an overall style that might best be described as “New Mexico bohemian.”

colorful mosaic smiling masks art on the wallScarves are one of the first items Kirstie stocked in the store and she says textiles are still a popular draw. “We have a lot of recycled clothing, some new, some vintage. I buy it by the pound so I never know what I’m getting exactly, but it’s usually a funky, hippy mix of pieces. People know me for the $4 room, which has clothing for $4 and tapestries for $3. I’m also really into cowboy boots.”

two old green salon couches by the market wallKirstie is in the process of revamping the boot and clothing sections of the store and she says she regularly “rearranges” things just to keep it fresh. One recent change: San Pasqual is now offering drinks and snacks to enjoy on the patio. Kirstie says they are specializing in all types of coffee drinks, but they also serve teas, sodas, and other non-alcoholic drinks. Right now, they have chips and candies, but by the end of the year, Kirstie hopes to expand their food offerings and eventually host events and showcase live music acts.

Keep checking in as this ever-evolving shop continues to grow bigger and better, offering even more eclectic fun.

What’s In a Name?

colorful monk painting leaning on the store counterSan Pasqual was a Franciscan monk in the 16th century who served as his monastery’s shepherd, gardener, and cook. Today, he is primarily known as the patron saint of the kitchen. His image is a quite popular element of Santa Fe-style décor.

The original San Pasqual Market was in a different location in Mesilla and was owned by Kirstie’s husband 28 years ago, before she met him.

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