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Hibernate in style this winter. Have your food delivered right to your door.

Written by Susie Ouderkirk
Photography by Donicio Madrid

Although winter is mostly pleasant in Las Cruces, those few days of frigid temperatures keep us snuggled up at home. When the chill of winter finally sinks in and the hustle and bustle of the holidays has waned, take a hint from the wise beasts of the forests and curl up for some hibernation time. With the sweaters and long johns pulled out of storage, and the woodpile stacked with piñon and pecan, it’s time to cuddle up with a good book or a favorite binge show and recharge our batteries.

All that’s left to make those winter days bearable is comfort food. But who wants to venture out to the store to procure bags of supplies, prep and cook it all, and then clean up? Making a meal almost takes the fun out of playing hooky. So what does a sleepy bear do on those blustery winter days?

Smart sleepy bears order out!

Of course good-ol’ pizza can be ordered for delivery, but what if that same bear wants something new and different? Herein lies something Yogi Bear himself would love: home delivery of just about anything one can think of.

Coy Green, who owns and operates Consider Delivery, realized that he could make life “a little more convenient” for Las Crucens by offering a service that delivers pretty much anything. “The city is growing both in size and population, but mostly away from the core part of town and that’s where the majority of Las Cruces’ eateries are located, so it just made sense,” he explains of his decision to open the catch-all delivery business, which he officially launched in October of 2014.

The cost to the customer is the store or restaurant’s total, plus a $3 delivery fee, an 18 percent driver tip, and a five percent service fee. Percentage-based fees are calculated using the restaurant’s pretax subtotal. Orders can be made most conveniently online, but a phone call will do the trick, too. Ordering from one of their “preferred restaurants” is super simple, but customers can order from other eateries as well.

Running Consider Delivery has opened Coy’s eyes to new restaurants and services. “Being a bit of a foodie, my favorite thing has got to be discovering all these unknown restaurants I never knew existed,” he says. “Often times I jokingly—but a little seriously too—tell a customer their food smelled really good and I considered taking it for myself!”

But there’s more than food that gets delivered. Consider Delivery will take an order for pretty much anything, pick it up, and deliver it just about anywhere in and around town. The list of items that can be conveniently conveyed to your doorstep include flowers, groceries, packages, documents, dry cleaning, and small auto parts. (State law prohibits the delivery of alcohol and tobacco products.)

Consider Delivery is busy, and Coy thinks the most challenging aspect of his job right now is the demand for the service. “We see growth every month and trying to continue to scale can get a little overwhelming at times,” he says.

Overwhelming yes, but never dull. One unusual delivery stands out to Coy: “I delivered a microwave from K-Mart. It was such an odd item to see, but sure enough I drove up to the K-Mart and left with a big red microwave. I even helped install it, which was an interesting experience in itself,” he remembers.

Microwaves are far from the only unexpected errand Coy has been sent on. “One of my favorite stories to tell, is about an order for popcorn from Allen Theaters. So, I walk into the theater, and this is earlier in the day when they sell the movie tickets at concessions, and I go straight to the concession bar and ask for a popcorn. Meanwhile, they’re asking me what showing I’d like to attend. I explain I’m just there to purchase a bag of popcorn, and the look on their face was gold. So, I get the popcorn, head back to my car and finish up the delivery.”

Coy thanks his loyal customers and looks forward to helping out new customers in the future. “It’s just pretty cool to have something delivered that you normally wouldn’t be able to without having to make a single phone call,” he says.

Amen to that!

there’s more

than food that gets delivered. Consider Delivery will take an order for pretty much anything, pick it up, and deliver it just about anywhere in and around town.

Consider Delivery | 575-265-0528
Monday-Saturday 10am to 9pm | |

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