Something New Behind the Vines

June 15, 2017 raguirre

Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience? Something you won’t easily forget? How about a V.I.P. tour of New Mexico’s largest winery with none other than the winemaking family themselves. Be prepared to be wowed, make new friends, and toast to memories being made.

St. Clair Vineyard & Winery Tour, let the fun commence!

Mimosas at the Las Cruces St. Clair Winery & Bistro, then it’s off to the Deming Tasting Room where we enjoy another delicious mimosa.
Load up and it’s off to the vineyards outside of Lordsburg, NM.

Once we reach the 180 acres of wine grape vines, Emmanuel Lescombes joins the group, as if we were old friends. He beams with pride showing us the vines and the pruning techniques.

Being able to touch the leaves and meander around the vines makes the learning experience come to life.

Although massive in size, the specialized equipment delicately harvests the vineyards. For those touring later in the season, a bunch of freshly picked grapes goes home with you.

Back at the home front, we descend towards the cellar. The door features generations of smiling Lecombes and Larry, our trusty guide, tells us about the treasures that await.

Hervé Lescombe visits with Robert Lujan about the 14 plus tons of rocks it took to build the cellar/basement by hand. Aptly named “The Sanctuary,” it’s a wine-lovers dream spot.

Ofelia Ramirez and Robert awe at the creation of the cellar while sipping 2007 DH Lescombes Syrah and enjoying tasty homemade nosh.
Something New Behind the Vines Cellar
A 1999 Blue Teal Cabernet Sauvignon that would later be opened for our lunch. Marshall McGinley noted this wine was so good it turned him, a beer drinker, into a red wine drinker.

As a testment to their love of guests, all those before us were proudly displayed near the home’s entrance. Once here, you’re like family.

Welcome to the private cellar holding just over 13,000 bottles of their wine that can only be found here. What a treat to see and taste!
Something New Behind the Vines Lunch is Poured
Lunch is poured and served. Larry discusses the special wines being paired with our 4-course meal while Melissa Barraza and Sergio Delgado eagerly await.

The living and dining combination room of the home where we were wined and dined with the best of company.

Pat Stoddard joins the laughter as many jokes and great stories are shared over roasted peppers and asparagus, sliced avocados, and fresh tomatoes, along with succulent chicken—all of which was prepared and served by our host, Hervé.

Something New Behind the Vines Laughter
Did someone say “homemade cheesecake”? Yes, please! Hervé outdid himself. “Always end a meal in cheese,” he notes.

Something New Behind the Vines Cheesecake

In addition to the 1999 Blue Teal Cabernet Sauvignon, we tasted a 2008 Danielle Cabernet Sauvignon, and a 2008 DH Lescombes Merlot, all of which are private reserve and only sipped here.

Let the home tour begin! After a delightful, filling lunch we tour the unique property built over many years by the Lescombes family and their team. A series of large teepee-like structures all connect to form creative living.

Something New Behind the Vines Teepee
Inside one of the bedrooms, Melissa and Sergio marvel at the shape and functionality of the space.

Naomi Morales, our driver & guide, explains over 12,000 bundles of wire were used for the sunflower’s center. Recycled materials are found
repurposed throughout the grounds.

Emmanuel and Hervé pose for one last photo as we complete our tour and dining experience at the vineyards.
Now, it’s back to the Deming Tasting Room

Walls of delicious wine await as we commence the operational winery tour, where Florent Lescombes and Hervé produce St. Clair’s award-winning wines.

Larry uses a “wine thief” to pull tastes from six different barrels allowing us to compare and contrast the vintages. Talk about V.I.P. treatment!

Ending up in the tasting room for special nosh platters, the group, now all friends, discuss the amazing journey. “It’s one I’ll never forget,” shares Sergio.

Don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself.

Learn more at or by calling 575.546.9324

Transportation is included. The entire experience costs just $69 per person. Only 10 spaces available to keep the experience intimate and unforgettable.

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