The Downtown Art Ramble

September 24, 2013 admin

Branigan Cultural Center- Lost Buildings of Las Cruces GalleryExperience local and global art, galleries galore, and the ambiance of Historic Downtown. Las Cruces welcomes all to the Downtown Art Ramble. The Ramble takes place the first Friday of every month. From 5 to 7 p.m. you can walk among many of the participating galleries such as M. Phillip’s Fine Art Gallery, Quillan Studio Gallery, Rio Grande Theatre, Las Cruces Museum of Art, the Branigan Cultural Center, and many more. M. Phillip’s provides maps of participating galleries  and  more information about the Ramble. Each month participants can enjoy different art work and meet new fellow artists, admirers, and buyers.

Branigan Culture Center - Coffee, World in your cupSince the Ramble welcomes anyone who is interested art, and each artist whose work is displayed  appreciates the support and admiration from the people who attend. You can meet many fresh talents in each gallery and might even find some artwork you would like to buy for your own home or office.

At M. Phillip’s, 221 N. Downtown, you can experience a variety of contemporary art from around the globe. One particular area of the gallery features phenomenal pieces by Russian painters. There’s also a section of work by European artists with beautiful pieces. These pieces are available in a variety of prices so everyone can acquire something to their taste.. Max and Gail Bleiweiss, the owners, like to focus mostly on Russian and European artwork, but they also feature some American Artists. You can contact themat 575.525.1367 or visit

Quillan Studio and Gallery, in the back of CoAs bookstore, featured many local artists and their work. While there you can even meet the artists, ask questions, and get to know them. Sally Quillin, the owner, is a talented artist herself. She works with acrylics, mixed media, watercolor, and oils and pentangles. You can contact Sally at 575-312-1064or at

In the Rio Grande Theatre, the El Paso Electric Gallery is located to the left of the entrance. The gallery accepts submissions from local artists within Las Cruces, El Paso, or in a 20-mile radius. Each artist who is accepted has their work displayed for a period of 4 weeks. An open reception for each artist is held during the monthly Downtown Art Ramble, so every month there will be a new artist to enjoy when attending. If you are looking to have your work displayed or know someone who should, you can contact either the Doña Arts Council at 575-523-6403 or go to the Rio Grande Theatre website,, and fill out the submission form.

The Ramble is as relaxed event for anyone who needs to take a break or relieve some stress. This event offers many more galleries to enjoy throughout the evening. While there you can enjoy snacks and refreshments from the participating galleries and walk them off while heading to the next gallery. It is a win-win situation. The artists change but the galleries and the Ramble remain to continually support the arts of the Southwest and the world.

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