The Growers Market: Come Out and Support Our Local Growers

June 18, 2013 admin
Growers Market

Article and Photography
by Elena Valdez

Every Sunday, from 10am till 2pm, local farms gather in the Mountain View Co-op market parking lot and sell their produce or handmade products. This is known as the Growers Market. You can find them at the corner of El Paseo and Idaho. As the farming season kicks in we are likely to see more vendors at the market. Nothing beats fresh produce locally grown here in New Mexico. It is great to come out and support our local growers. There you will find, other than produce, friendly folks, food samples, and new knowledge!

IMG_3172The MVM has their own local farm and at the growers market they sell their produce you won’t find in their store. Jennifer Tanaka, who was running the stand at the time, was very friendly and offered many samples of the produce not common to the taste buds. The MVM stand has a variety of greens such as rainbow chard, collars, red mustard, sorrel, and Mizuna greens. You can also find garlic, chives, and herbs. Everything available was $2.50 or under. Nothing beats fresh produce that is kind to your wallet.

The next vendor was changing it up a bit and was instead was selling dog treats. Savannah’s Dog Treats provides all homemade treats by Andrea Broekhoff. There are many kinds to choose from such as flaxseed bones. They are a healthy alternative for your pet. There is also cheese ducks which are not made from duck but are in the shape of them. If you like to spoil your pets the Peanut butter honey and oats is a favorite. If you brought your pet Andrea even has samples for them to munch on. You can also take some home. The treats range from $3 – $4 with tax already included and you get a bunch for your money.

Luis Nuñez, another friendly vendor, was selling a mix of fresh eggs for $4 a dozen. He doesn’t just sell ordinary white or brown eggs but green and blue eggs! The famous green eggs don’t just exist in the Dr. Seuss books. There is only one type of chicken that can lay blue or green eggs. They are called Araucana chickens. Mr. Nuñez also has a garden with lots of produce still ripening for the season. His wife owns a business know as Your Health Therapy and Gifts.

If you are looking for some desert plants then Jimmy Zabriskie from Robledo Vista Nursery can help you. He sells a big variety of desert plants such as cacti, verbenas, Russian sage, pine trees, Mexican blue sage, Crimson and Solar flare Espranza, ice plants, yellow Hesperaloe, desert marigolds, herbs, and much more! You can get many plants for $8 or two for just $15.

IMG_3174Lastly, you can find these in the MVM store, are the Guerilla Prayer Flags. They are hand-made and dyed from recycled t-shirts. Each one has a different saying on them and they cost $13 dollars each. These are for a good cause because all proceeds go to families in Juárez.

The growers market has a lot to offer from fresh produce, to homemade dog treats, multicolored eggs, desert foliage, and even helping out those who are in need. Summer is here and the BBQs have begun and nothing says a good BBQ without fresh produce. Our local growers are waiting!

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