The Lore of Laabs

July 7, 2016 Jessica Muncrief

Read the fascinating stories behind two of our public pools in the latest edition of Neighbors magazine. Our resident historical researcher Bud Russo searched high and low to discover the backstories on Numa Frenger and Kermit “Bud” Laabs. 

We only had space in the printed article for one portrait of each of these fascinating men, but Bud was able to find several others of Bud Laabs that we just had to share for all the other local history buffs.


After reading Laabs’ obituary, which states that he once played for the Green Bay Packers, Bud got in touch with the NFL team’s public relations department and they dug up this image from their archives. It is taken from the program of the Sunday, September 15, 1929 game versus the Portsmouth Spartans. We know them today as the Detroit Lions.



Bud found this photo of Laabs on the football field in his coaching gear in the 1942 NMSU yearbook. Courtesy Archives and Special Collections, NMSU Library. (Fun side fact: Follow this link to find out why the NMSU yearbook was titled Swastika all the way up until 1983. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Nazism.



In this photo, also from the 1942 annual, Laabs is dressed to the teeth, commemorating his being voted most popular faculty member. Courtesy Archives and Special Collections, NMSU Library.


7-KERMIT_LAABS_PORTRAITBud tracked down this portrait shot with help from the Rio Grande Historical Collection at the NMSU Library.

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