Wedding Cake Trends to Try

September 16, 2016 raguirre

Wedding Cake

Polished Rustic Wedding Cake

A cake with rough frosted butter cream will create that popular rustic, country vibe. Stephanie recommends serving on something extra elegant, like a silver cake stand, to keep it fresh and modern.

Wedding Cake

Table of Treats

Cupcakes are really popular for weddings because they give the guests a chance to sample a variety of flavors and serving couldn’t be simpler. Other variations: Do a full table of desserts or multiple small cakes.

Wedding Cake

Super Girly Wedding Cake

If your heart sings at all things pink and ruffled, go for it. Stephanie says details like ruffles, rosettes, and flower petals are very in right now. You can even amp it up an extra notch with edible glitter.

Wedding Cake

Personal Touch Wedding Cake

“A wedding is two people’s lives, desires, and ideas coming together,” Stephanie notes, “so I really like to include something special that only they know about, like their initials worked into the decorations. I once made a cake for two dentists and there was a little silver tooth charm in the back.”

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