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January 25, 2017 raguirre

He recently took over the NMSU men’s basketball head coach position. See how Paul Weir is building a “more exciting team to watch.”

CoachIt’s been almost 10 years since Paul Weir left cold, Canadian winters behind to coach men’s basketball at NMSU, and he says Las Cruces is now officially home. In that time, he spent five seasons as the associate head coach and he helped bring notable names like Daniel Mullings and Sim Bhullar to the team. He recently married his wife Alma (a Las Cruces native who attended LCHS and NMSU) and welcomed one-year-old son, Theodore.

“My son was born here at Memorial Medical Center. I bought my first house here and I graduated from the NMSU MBA program here. I’m currently working on my PhD in educational leadership. I have a lot of ties here to the city, and to the campus community as well. It’s an amazing place to live,” he says.

Paul took over the head coach position for the 2016-17 season and he says this year his focus is all about teamwork. “We lost a really good player to the NBA draft. He was our leading scorer, our leading rebounder, and our best overall player,” he explains. “We’ve replaced him with a conglomerate of guys, so we’re going to be a lot more team oriented than we’ve been in the past. We’re trying to utilize our depth with many players on the roster as opposed to just one or two, and with that we’ve really tried to foster a team spirit and a team culture where the guys embrace hard work and unselfishness so we can accomplish more as a team as opposed to individuals.”

Paul adds that he’s also putting focus on improving offensively to “become a more effective team and hopefully a more exciting team to watch,” with the ultimate goal of driving more attendance to the games and boosting moral. “We really want to engage the students and the entire community with our basketball team,” he says. “We are trying to bridge connections and connect with different demographics so young people, older people, people from all the different backgrounds living here in Las Cruces can share something. Basketball is a good, fun night out and we want to make that experience something everyone can enjoy.”


Get to Know Coach Weir in 5 Questions

  1. Favorite Thing About Las


For me, it’s about the local culture and living in a relaxed comfortable environment. I don’t have to worry about rush hour traffic or crazy winters. It’s a peacecul place to live and raise a family.


  1. Best Way to Destress

I used to golf quite a bit, but once the family came along and school and now this position, golf has unfortunately gone by the wayside, for now. If I do have some free time I try and exercise. I’ve been swimming at the NMSU natatorium. Coach Henson got me into that. It’s just a way to keep my mind clear.


  1. Go-To Mexican Food Order

A burrito smothered in green. I didn’t touch green chile for the first five years I was here, but when you marry a local, you try new things. It’s good food and good culture. It’s really stimulating for me to immerse myself in something new and become a part of it in my own way.


  1. Ideal Sunday with the Family

We go to St. Albert the Great Newman Center right near campus for church on Sundays. It’s become an integral part of my life. Father Ray Flores has been great to me and my family.


  1. Surprising Fact

People might think that as an outsider I’m not fully invested in the community, but I have a very strong affinity for this city. Our local economy means something to me. Enrollment at the university and the wellbeing of our overall community means a lot to me, whether it’s economic initiatives, security or safety initiatives, or just growth and development. Now that I’m raising a family here, the school and healthcare systems matter to me. I take a great interest in all these things and get involved wherever I can.


Don’t miss out

See Paul and the NMSU Men’s Basketball Team in action at one of the upcoming home games at the Pan American Center.


Thursday, January 12 @ 7pm

  1. Grand Canyon University


Saturday, January 14 @ 7pm

  1. California State University – Bakersfield


Saturday, January 21 @ 7pm

  1. University of Missouri – Kansas City


Saturday, February 4 @ 7pm

  1. Chicago State University


Thursday, February 23 @ 7pm

  1. Utah Valley University


Saturday, February 25 @ 7pm

  1. Seattle University


Saturday, March 4 @ 7pm

  1. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


To purchase your tickets, call the Pan Am Ticket Office at (575) 646-1420 or visit Ticketmaster.com and search “NMSU

Men’s Basketball”.

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