Writing Your Own Vows in 4 Easy Steps

September 30, 2016 raguirre


Make it a Couple Thing

You don’t have to tell your partner exactly what you plan to say, but discuss it beforehand and set some parameters. How long should they be? Will they be funny or poetic? How personal is each person planning to get? Set the tone for your vows together, just as you will set the tone for your life together.

Get Inspired

Got writer’s block? Start by looking up famous love quotes online. Listen to your favorite love songs. Look through photos and remember the special times you spent together. Make a list of all the things you adore about your partner or start by simply writing them a love letter from the heart.

Write It Down and Practice

Don’t just wing it. You will be standing up and saying these in front of a crowd and that can be really nerve wracking once your actually at the alter. Even if you plan on reading your vows from a paper, still practice them in front of the mirror or friends. If you feel comfortable and confident, that’s one less thing to stress about on the big day.

Presentation Counts

It’s perfectly fine to read vows from a paper instead of memorizing them, but do keep in mind that it will show up in photographs and videos. Print the final version out on a pretty notecard that matches the colors and theme of the wedding.

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