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106 I Games Crossword Enjoy our new puzzlers. Read the edition in order to solve. ACROSS 4. Where to go for more of what you like here. 5. Healthy choices keep this beat in check. 7. Slurp this slowly and you're "welcome" to a second helping. 8. Not a real bird or book, but this type of media likes to be ______. 9. Gathering of merriment to celebrate wine, chile, music, and more. 12.Either big or small, giving one is said to be better after all. 13.This machine creates a signature seasonal smell. 14.Not a hat, but a helmet will do at this wheel-good time. 16.More than builders, we think of the Suggs as these. 17.No matter the size, it looks good with soup in it. 19.Getting to the top takes more than thread. 23.A driver has a maps; a chef has these. 24.Snap area beauty through this art form. 26.Floating by this RennFaire creature puts him to scale. 28.Pink or yellow, blue or purple: it changes nightly. 29.See the band in action at this point in the game. DOWN 1. They illuminate our minds at every age. 2. A spicy staple that only has one "eye". 3. They keep the beat while marching about. 6. Tasty delight with soul and hominy. 10.Fun, informative read that's looking at you. 11.Attracting them will give you a lark. 15. It's opened, closed, and hopefully without judgement. 18.Round, orange prize that can smile. 20.Those who fought and those we honor. 21.Don't say "awe grape" because we produced it first, California. 22.A yearly march in honor of the heroic WWII service members. 25.Getting together to play these makes a fun night for all. 27.Keep your money here. Buy ______. 30.Our state might seem old, but we call it otherwise. 31.Roasted chile makes these buds water. Sudoku Fill in the grid with digits in such a manner that every row, every column and every 3x3 box accommodates the digits 1-9, without repeating any. George and Jami Navarro of West Picacho Farms, along with David Brito (right), roast local green chile to perfection. Friendly and Flavorful

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